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How Far Can Electric Cars Go?

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Like it or not, electric-powered cars are here to stay despite the biggest concerns that most have right now… range anxiety. Although India is still far from being a reasonable environment to promote zero-emission mobility, global automotive giants are being able to churn out models that can go farther on a single charge. Man’s Life brings you the top cars from each brand that have significantly raised the range benchmark:

(PS: Indicative prices if imported into India)


7. Audi e-tron Sportback

Audi e-tron Sportback
[Source: Audi]
Bodystyle: Crossover SUV

Variant: 55 quattro

Price: Rs 1.5 cr

Battery: 95kWh 

Fast-charging time: 36 minutes

Single-charge range: 266km

0-100kph time: 5.7s

Audi nearly brought this car to India last year but stopped after it realised the pricing and timing weren’t feasible. 


6. Mercedes EQC 

Mercedes EQC
[Source: Mercedes]
Bodystyle: SUV

Variant: 400

Price: Rs 1.0 cr

Battery: 85kWh

Fast-charging time: 54 minutes

Single-charge range: 300km

0-100kph time: 5.1s


5. (Volvo) Polestar 2

(Volvo) Polestar 2
[Source: Polestar]
Bodystyle: Fastback

Price: Rs 90 lakh 

Battery: 78kWh 

Fast-charging time: 54 minutes

Single-charge range: 350km

0-100kph time: 4.7s

Volvo hived off its performance arm Polestar into an EV division and its first car is already up there.


4. Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric
[Source: Hyundai]
Bodystyle: SUV

Variant: 64kWh

Price: Rs 70 lakh 

Battery: 67.5kWh 

Charging time: 76 minutes

Single-charge range: 360km

0-100kph time: 7.9s

This is a more powerful version of the Kona, which is sold in India. Bigger battery.


3. Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3
[Source: Volkswagen]
Bodystyle: Hatchback

Variant: Pro S

Price: Rs 80 lakh 

Battery: 82kWh 

Charging time: 64 minutes

Single-charge range: 408km

0-100kph time: 7.9s

Although a car for the “masses”, ID.3 in is rubbing shoulders with the best.


2. Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan
[Source: Porsche]
Bodystyle: Sedan

Variant: 4S Plus

Price: Rs 1.7 cr 

Battery: 93.4kWh 

Charging time: 43 minutes

Single-charge range: 482km

0-100kph time: 4.0s

A quintessential sports tourer from the iconic sports car maker.


1. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
[Source: Tesla]
Bodystyle: Sedan

Variant: Long Range Plus

Price: Rs 1.6 cr 

Battery: 100kWh 

Charging time: 59 minutes

Single-charge range: 482km

0-100kph time: 3.8s

While the range is similar to the Taycan’s, this is slightly quicker and marginally cheaper.


[Header Image Credit: Freepik]