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Did You Know Chunky Panday Was Akshay Kumar’s Acting Instructor?

Akshay Kumar and Chunky Pandey
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Today, Akshay Kumar is one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood. He is the first A-list actor to have taken the brave decision to release his film, Bell Bottom, in theatres following the second wave of COVID-19 which devastated the theatre industry even more than the first wave. Now, Chunky Panday has revealed that he was Akshay Kumar’s acting coach for a while at the start of the actor’s career.

“He really makes me laugh about it. I graduated from a school called Madhumati’s Dancing School. So when I was graduating… Akshay’s much younger than me, four-five years younger than me. Akshay was just joining the school. You know how it is, when you just join, the teachers don’t teach you, the senior students teach you. So I used to teach him some dance moves, and some dialogue delivery,” Chunky said during an appearance on Cyrus Broacha’s show on YouTube.

“He still laughs and jokes about it. That’s why he says in the initial part of his career he didn’t get too much work or awards, because of the acting I taught him. He had to undo what I taught him and become a better actor, and that’s why he’s become Akshay Kumar,” he added.