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Dino Morea Says That The Empire Doesn’t Glorify Mughals

Dino Morea in The Empire
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Actor Dino Morea was praised for his part of the antagonist in the recently released web series, The Empire. The actor plays the role of Shaibani Khan while the lead of the series, Kunal Kapoor portrays the role of Emperor Babur. However, the show has faced certain criticism for allegedly glorifying Mughals. “If you read the book, you will understand that there is a lot of fiction mixed with history to dramatize the narrative and make it more fun to read. Likewise, we have fictionalized our story as well, so viewers remain engaged with the story. Yes, it tells the story of the Mughal era, but we are not glorifying anybody. It’s not history; it’s just a lot of fiction,” Dino Morea told a leading daily about the show.

He was also asked how be felt about portraying a negative character. “As an actor, I’m not really worried about being typecast. I feel it doesn’t happen anymore. Every character has its unique trajectory, and I try to do my best for every role I take up. So, yes, if offered another negative role, I will take it. I feel certain negative characters, or the ones with grey shades, provide more scope for acting. These characters help you excel. And such interesting characters allure me,” he said.


[Image Credit: Dino Morea]