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Kangana Ranaut Accused Of Stealing Author’s Work For Manikarnika Returns

Kangana Ranaut in a photoshoot
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Actor Kangana Ranaut who is known as much for her controversial hot-takes on social media as much as she is known for her acting skills, finds herself in hot water again. Author Ashish Kaul has filed an FIR against the Manikarnika actress and those associated with Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda. Kaul has stated that he owns the copyright to the story of Didda: The Warrior Queen and states that Ranaut had stolen it. The actress had earlier announced a standalone sequel to Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi based on Didda. Kaul’s FIR also mentions Rangoli Chandel and producer Kamal Jain.

“Today, I embark upon a new journey of my life – a journey against white-collar crime, against blatant and brazen infringement of my intellectual property and for justice,” Kaul told TOI.

“After a tumultuous fortnight of coming to terms that people in power, people with might and money can steamroll the rights of content creators by misrepresenting and manipulating the letter and spirit of the law. This act involves taking a common citizen for granted who will not be easily entertained or helped by the police, added to it the reputation of the alleged popular public figure against whom a common citizen is seeking help from the police,” he added.


[Image Credit: Kangana Ranaut]