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Karan Johar Reveals That Meryl Streep Would Be His Dream Dinner Guest

Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar
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Filmmaker Karan Johar recently made an appearance on the food show, Star vs Food and was tasked with cooking a meal for his friend. During the course of the show, the director and producer answered many questions, including who he thinks would be a dream dinner guest.

“I would love to have a meal with Meryl Streep. I have never met her, but I want to have a meal with her. I want to look into her eyes and tell her that she is the best person on planet earth and the best artist. She would be my ideal dinner guest,” Johar revealed. The filmmaker also recalled the most bizarre food experience he’s had so far.

“It was at a French restaurant in Paris, someone gave me a rabbit that looked like chicken and I ate it all. I also wondered why this chicken is tasting so amazingly different and delicious. And so while speaking to the guests I discovered that there wasn’t any chicken on the menu and I had eaten a rabbit. Then I went hopping back home,” he said.


[Image Credit: ANI]