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KRK Says More Than 20 “Bollywood People” Support Him Against Salman Khan

Kamaal R Khan
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The KRK-Salman Khan drama seems to have no end. After being slammed with a defamation notice, a visibly panicked Kamaal R Khan had sent out a flurry of tweets asking Salim Khan to step in and promising that he’d never review a Salman Khan film again. Then, a day later, KRK changed tracks and said that he’d review Khan’s films even if the Radhe actor begged him not to and touched his feet. Now KRK has unleashed another volley of attacks towards Khan.

“More than 20 Bollywood people have called me to give me their support. They said, that they were not able to do that whatever I am doing. Because they were not ready to have direct conflict with him. They were scared to make him their enemy. I say- Thank you all so very much,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Now I don’t care, what will be the result. But I will fight for all those people. I can’t allow so many people to get disappointed. I won’t break their trust,” he added.


[Image Credit: Kamaal R Khan KRK]