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Shah Rukh Khan’s #AskSRK Session Was As Big, Witty And Charming As He Is

Shah Rukh Khan
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The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, just completed 29 years at the movies. His debut film, Deewana, released on the 24th of June, 1992 and hence, fans had been trending various hashtags related to the star since last evening. Today, in gratitude for all the love he has received over the years, SRK hosted his popular #AskSRK session on Twitter and answered a host of questions. Below, we share a few gems…

When a fan asked him to say a word about Thalapthy Vijay, SRK’s response caused a Twitter meltdown.


SRK has been an inspiring figure for over three decades and here’s one more advice from him.


He’s also one of the unabashed believers of self love.


John Abraham fans also had a good day today.


He also shared some updates about his next few productions.


And, finally, he shared some fantastic news for those dying to see him on the screen again.


[Image Credit: SRK Universe]