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Shakti Kapoor Rubbishes Rumours About Shraddha Kapoor’s Wedding

Sharddha Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor
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Mere days after social media was rife with news that actor Shraddha Kapoor was set to tie the knot with rumoured boyfriend Rohan Shrestha, Shakti Kapoor has nixed these rumours. In a conversation with the media, Shakti said that Shraddha is very busy.

“No one is getting married!” Shakti Kapoor said, with a laugh. “In the time of Corona everybody has time, so these rumours are going to circulate.” Being a father, does such talk affect him in any way? “I have been in this industry for more than 40 years, so I don’t care. Neither does Shraddha, nor does her mother and brother,” he added.

He added that Shraddha is “very busy” and is “going to be busy for the next few years.”