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TV Shows That Will Make Millennials Feel Nostalgic

2000s TV Shows Posters
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Watching TV shows was the most awaited time of the day, after work. However, in the growing digital era with OTT platforms, the urge to wait for your favourite show at a particular time slot has declined. There are some classic TV shows that were aired and although they are available on the Internet today, watching them with friends and family back then, was a special feeling. Here are some classic TV shows that will make millennials feel nostalgic.

1. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

The fun of watching the crazy combination of family members- the Sarabhais living and adjusting to each other’s tantrums was absolutely fun. Whether it was Indravdan  Sarabhai and his unhealthy food habits that led to Maya’s sarcasm, to Monisha’s middle-class acts. All in all, it was an amazing show on Star One.

2. CID

The word “CID”, always rings a bell of “Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya”, in mind. The characters played by artists took us into a fictional world for a few minutes, and made us the “Lite version of Sherlock Holmes”. The multiple episodes and never-ending mysteries solved by the CID team used to surprise us all.

3. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Only if we were as fortunate as Sanju from the show, who could draw and get whatever he wanted with his magic pencil, we would have done all our work! The show enhanced our imagination and it made us all buy the merchandise- the pencil that looked like the one used in the show but sadly had no magical power in it!

4. M.A.D

We were indeed “MAD” for “M.A.D”. Oh, those were the good old days when we would try and imitate the way Rob would create art by himself. To be honest, none of us could actually make things as beautifully as he did, but it was worth giving your inner artists a shot!

5. Shararat

“Shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartman badling” Sounds familiar? The hope to avoid problems and have an element of amazement in life was brought out through this show that made sure we go into a world of magical powers and fulfill our wishes with just one spell.

6. Takeshi’s Castle

Javed Jaffrey and his humorous commentary in the show was the best part of Takeshi’s Castle. The tasks in the show seemed to be very simple and doable, however, the contestants faced a lot of difficulties in winning. It was purely based on entertainment, and let’s not lie, we all wanted to participate in it at least once.

7. Aahat

These were the stories that made us all fear going anywhere in the dark alone. The paranormal experiences of the characters in the show and the thrill factor were the most amazing elements. It was an irony that it scared us, but we still wanted to watch and know what happened further.

8. Hip Hip Hurray

The show was about friends and their crazy experiences and adventures, which gave us all the joy to experience their life stories which were not only fabulous but also interesting.

The list is unending, but some memories of these shows will remain in our hearts forever. The haste of finishing homework or college assignments just to be on time for these shows made our lives simpler and less complex compared to today. Those nostalgic moments are never fading away, they are always in your heart!