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Wokeish Ep 4: Are Dating Apps Killing Old School Romance?

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Hasn’t it been long since you initiated a conversation with someone offline that could have turned into a potential date? We get it. With the ease of access that online dating apps provide these days, it has become a rare scene that you pick your date at a bar or a bookshop, the old-school way?

With more people adopting a new way of dating right now thanks to smartphones and technology, dating games are evolving quickly, and we might have forgotten just how easy it used to be. While everyone is busy scrolling, DMing, and posting updates online, the old-school love is still finding its way into this modern world. Old-school lovers are not opposed to modern love, but find it so difficult to connect with it.

But do you think these online dating apps are killing the old-school romance in the world where #NoStringsAttached becoming fashionable?

Watch what Taaruk, Anushi, Suveer and Paridhi have to say about their experiences with this generation’s ongoing obsession – dating apps?