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5 Ways To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

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When the going gets tough, take some time off

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With the virus looming over us for what seems like an eternity, it’s not uncommon for one to be in a constant state of distress. It is hard and we know it, but it isn’t impossible to combat the feeling of anxiousness and tension. Here are our 5 ways to deal with stress and anxiety like a boss.


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Honestly, when you laugh it’s impossible to feel anxious. Going to a comedy club isn’t an option right now, but thankGod for technology! Put on your favourite comedy show, or watch your favourite stand-up comedy act, or call up that friend of yours who never fails to make you laugh. Find amusement in the small things around your house. Laugh, as deep, loud, and often as possible. There’s a reason why there are humour/laughter therapists who use the power of smiles to aid healing.


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This may seem strange, but pushing the body to its limit through exercise is an effective way to deal with psychological stress. More the exercise, less the worry. There is science behind it: When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which are also known as happy hormones and natural painkillers. Also, exercise will help you sleep better and boost confidence. Choose any routine that motivates you. Wind up a session with meditation; sitting in silence for a few minutes a day, can really help quieten the mental chatter. A happy healthy body means a happy healthy you.


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Learn to say NO. Not all anxiety and stress triggers are under your control, but learning to commit to things you can possibly handle as a human being is a great starting point. WFH means, the line between working hours and time off have been blurred. If you’re overworked, it will affect your productivity. Draw out a work schedule and stick to those hours. Once you switch off from work, reset and enjoy some time with your family or alone. Do not take on multiple responsibilities that can get you overwhelmed. Take a step back, analyse and say no.


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You are stuck at home and your only solace seems to be the idiot box or its mini version (your laptop or phone). Technology is a double-edged sword; both a boon and a curse. When used for the good like ordinary citizens helping strangers get O2 beds, it’s superb.  However, there is so much bullying across social media platforms. Being bombarded by unpleasant news can get overwhelming. A social media detox is a must every once in a while. Disconnect and go offline whenever you can. Find activities that don’t involve your phone—like reading, painting, listening to music or writing.


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The next time you achieve your target or accomplish a personal goal (big or small), bask in its glory. Do something nice for yourself, like order takeout or check out that Amazon cart you’ve been saving. Savour the tiny achievements in life and reward yourself. This will help you to remain motivated and stress-free.

Stress and anxiety could be due to work, your personal life or with everything that is happening around you.  It’s perfectly natural and nothing to run yourself down for. The above tips could help you feel better. If the feeling of stress/anxiety persists, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist, as mental health is important for our overall well-being!


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