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A Guy’s Guide To Tackling Sensitive Skin

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Find out ways to tame problematic skin

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Is your skin behaving like a rebellious, hormonal teenager? Chances are that you have sensitive skin! Unfortunately for many men with this skin type—acne and breakouts are common fixtures, which often outstay its pubescent welcome. While there are pimple poppers and spot-acne treatments in the market, these don’t offer a permanent solution. What you need is a routine overhaul. That’s where Man’s Life steps in! Here’s all you need to know about sensitive skin along with a few expert tips to combat it….


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Dr Jaishree Sharad, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and author of the bestseller Skin Rules, says, “Sensitive skin is the type of skin that easily breaks into hives or rashes at the drop of a hat. There could be—dryness, flaking, itching, burning sensation, redness and blotchy skin!”  

This skin type is temperamental; and is easily triggered. According to Dr Sharad, “Changes in the temperatures/climate, and if you’re out in the cold or spend too much time in an airconditioned space/room—all of these can result in breakouts.” So can washing your face often with hot water! “It could also be an allergy to a fragrance or to something that’s applied/rubbed to/on the skin. Sometimes, sensitive skin can react to pollen, dust mites in the air, and even flowering plants you’re allergic to can lead to you developing rashes,” explains Dr Sharad. Sun damage is very common on sensitive skin as well. 


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Before you hit the ‘add-to-cart’ option on skin-care products, it’s crucial to get familiar with your skin type and figure out what it needs! Soaps may cause a lot of itching or burning, and hot water will dehydrate your skin—so, it’s best to skip using both! “Do not use fragrance-based products, as they tend to increase skin sensitivity,” cautions Dr Sharad. “Don’t exfoliate your skin too much either.” Meaning, avoid using scrubs frequently. Dr Sharad recommends staying away from “home remedies with natural exfoliating agents like tomatoes, citric acid, lemon and so on if you have problematic skin.”  Plus, ditch the nicotine and go easy on your booze intake, as alcohol may cause a reaction. Sun exposure should also be kept to a minimum. 


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It’s not all bad news, guys! In fact, all you need is the right products to help you soothe your skin. “Make sure your facewashes and cleansers are 100% soap-free,” advises Dr Sharad. The same applies for body washes too! “Use a mild, fragrance-free moisturiser. Always, always use sunscreen, no matter what the season! However, avoid using a chemical sunblock at all costs! Go for a mineral-based sunscreen instead—which comes with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide,” she adds. 

To wrap up, make sure to choose products that are free from harsh, harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphates. “People with sensitive skin should choose products that are—hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (ones that won’t block your pores), alcohol-and-fragrance free!”  


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