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A Lazy Guy’s Guide To A Fuss-Free Breakfast

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The hashtag #avotoast has over two million posts (and counting) on Instagram. Packed with protein, good fats, and a cook time under 10 minutes—it’s no wonder that Millennials and Gen Z are—willing to drain their pocket money for the green fruit—for a healthy serving of avocado toast and egg. If the imported Hass avocados are turning out to be too expensive, give the desi version, butter fruit a try!

1. After all the festive/party season bingeing, we think your digestive system will be grateful for this meal!

Avocado toast and poached egg
[Image Credit: Jiyoon Jang]

2. Show us a better meal after a sweaty session at the gym. We will wait.

Avocado toast with poached eggs
[Image Credit: Homecooksimple]

3. Not a fan of eggs? Smear a ripe avocado on some wholewheat toast and season it with chilli flakes. That’s it!

Toast with avocado, sea salt, and red chilli flakes
[Image Credit: catesgoodeats]

4. Don’t like poached or fried eggs? Scrambled eggs for the win then!

Toast with avocados and scrambled eggs
[Image Credit: coquitosok]

5. If you don’t have the time to make eggs, just add some cheese and freshly cut tomatoes for a delicious start of your day!

Goat cheese and tomato avocado toast
[Image Credit: Lauren’s Homemade Cooking]


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