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Are Carrot Jeans The New Thing?

Vijay Varma and Nikhil Kandhari


It’s never too late to buy new fits.

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Fashion is always evolving. Trends change and so do fits. We have been living a comfortable life wearing clothes that have remained the same from eternity and beyond, and bam comes a new banging silhouette. Let’s be honest though, how many of us actually pick up new things to try? While experimenting with fashion is great, doing it without knowing what it really is or how it fits you can get tricky. Disastrous actually!

Jeans are like the comfort food of pants. Have nothing else to wear in bottoms? Reach out to your trusty worn-out jeans. While jean fits have changed through the years, there hasn’t been anything new in terms of fit that made its long-lasting mark in the market. Enter Carrot Jeans. If you are hearing this for the first time, you aren’t the only one. Man’s Life is here to help you navigate this ‘it’ fit of the season.

What Are Carrot Jeans?

If we had to find the closest match to this jeans type, it would be Skinny Jeans. Carrot Jeans are a slimmer fit and hence the resemblance. The biggest difference lies in the jean cuts though. Skinny Jeans are fitted and are tight through the body from the waist, crotch right up to the ankle (the dream jeans for a guy who has never skipped leg day). Whereas, Carrot Jeans look like they fit like Skinny Jeans, but are in fact loose around the crotch and tighter near the calves. The upper portion of the jean is looser than that of your favourite skinny jeans.

Make Way For Carrot Jeans

While there may not be any visible difference at first, a trained eye can catch the loose fit around the waist. People who wear Skinny Jeans are very comfortable wearing jeans like second skin, but we always recommend choosing comfort and style. Carrot Jeans hasn’t made headway in the jean market yet, but it surely is catching up. This jean cut is so much more comfortable and stylish that it won’t take it long for it to turn into a staple!


1. Wear them with a simple tee for a casual time with friends or for a day out and about in the city.

2. Have a denim on denim moment with these carrot jeans. You can choose to layer it with outerwear or just slay the look as is.

3. Polo tees with jeans can never go out of style. It’s a luxurious look to wear and oh-so-easy to pull off.

4. There is nothing that screams casual fashion like layering. Jeans and jackets are a pair made in sartorial heaven. A crew neck tee, a jacket and a Carrot Jean are all you need.

5. Suit jackets with jeans are an easy way of merging the formal with the casual. If business casual had a look this would be it. Comfort with style.

Don’t stick to the usual and try something new. Newer fashion styles rarely stay for long, but we think we have a winner. The Carrot Jean is indeed a must-try while you go out shopping next time!