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Cool Cardigans

A man wearing a cardigon, hat and sunglass


Your grandpa did know best. Cardigans are dope. Here are five styles to add to your wardrobe.

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There should be a law to make cardigan a transitional-weather secret armour! They made a huge comeback last 2020, and we think a fair share of the credit should go to songstress Taylor Swift! Most guys avoid this button-front sweater out of fear of being slotted in the #grandpastyle category. In reality, a cardigan can make anything you’re wearing classy and in some cases, simply too cool! There are many styles out there and that many ways to wear it to your advantage! So, let’s dive right in! 

1. A longline cardigan: Not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a guy’s cardigan, and that’s exactly why it’s on this list! Longline or long cardigans are a great way to smarten up a casual look. Its elongated and relaxed silhouette is ideal for weekend escapades. This style is commonly available in light-knits, which will take you from Spring-to-Autumn in supermodel style. 

Wear it with: Black jeans, a basic crew-neck white T-shirt and a Fedora.  Feeling brave? Mix colours and patterns and throw it over a suit, and have fun with it like pop sensation Harry Styles! 

2. A chunky cardigan: A heavy or chunky knitted cardigan is ideal for when the temperature dips. One with zippers or asymmetrical or unusual necklines will make for a great lunch-date look! Run to the stores now for end of season deals to get one for next winter. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Wear it with:  Chinos or ankle-length trousers in neutral hues and a basic tee underneath.

3. Button-up cardigan: This is the basic cardigan. It’s perfect for layering. Style it right and you have a suave and sophisticated look to show off! Get it wrong, you could end up looking frumpy. Choose a non-slouchy, well-fitted and light piece to keep things masculine and very 2021. Stick to classic, neutral or muted shades.

Wear it with: With a button-up shirt, smart trousers and dress shoes or even a pair of black slim-fit jeans. Or over pleated trousers and loafers for a modern preppy look.

4. Shawl-collar cardigan: Shawl collars are synonymous with elegance. Think James Bond and lavish galas! A shawl collar is a rounded, wide collar that extends downwards across the chest. Styles with these collars are chunkier, and look formal due to the added structure and weight. Get one before your next hill-station holiday to look stylish and be cosy!

Wear it with: Dark denims or pants, slim-fit shirts or basic tees.

5. A cardigan vest: A cardigan vest or a sleeveless one is great for layering. Add a thin, dressy cardigan to a regular suit to turn it into a three-piece statement outfit! Don’t mix colours. It’s a great way to stay warm and look super suave. You could swap the vest for a regular button-up cardigan as well.

Wear it with:  A suit to make it look more polished, contemporary and formal.

Once you’ve taken a liking for these versatile sweaters, you’ll find ways to wear them, we promise!


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