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Dress According To Your Body Type

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Here are tips to do just that….

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We all have been confined within the four walls of our homes for a while now. Retail therapy can only happen online for a foreseeable future. While it offers you the world at your fingertips, it doesn’t offer you a trial room! The flip side is that most mannequins or models showcasing clothes come in unrealistic sizes. No, there is no ideal body type. However, knowing your body shape will definitely be a valuable addition to your next shopping trip. 


Stand tall in front of the mirror. Have a look at your shoulders, chest and waist. They are the trifecta of getting to know your body better. Once you know which shape your body is, shopping for yourself will be an easy affair. Get acquainted with the various body shapes/types….

This body type has broad shoulders and chest with a slightly narrow waist and hips. It’s one of the most desirable body types for men who want to beef up at the gym. Actor Salman Khan is what a rhomboid body type looks like.

Man’s Life styling tip: A fitted shirt or T-shirt is extremely flattering on a rhomboid body. Invest in a good polo tee that enhances your upper body. Avoid skinny jeans, and wear slim jeans or straight pants instead.

This shape is probably the easiest to identify. The body shape is roughly the same width from shoulder to hip. David Beckham is a classic example of a rectangular body shape.

Man’s Life styling tip: Layer your garments to add dimension to your shoulders. Use padded and wide lapeled jackets, blazers or coats. Steer clear of shapeless or loose clothes and stick to body-defining pieces.

This is a top-heavy body structure, but unlike the rhomboid, it has an accentuated waist. Most people who train hard regularly at the gym, tend to get this kind of a physique. Actor Ranveer Singh’s body in Ram Leela is an ideal example of an inverted triangle.

Man’s Life styling tip: V-necked t-shirts are extremely flattering for this body type. Wear a belt or anything that creates a distinction at the waist. Stay away from padded jackets and skinny jeans. Stick to your straight-fit pants or denims if you fall under this category.

The exact opposite of an inverted triangle, the emphasis is on the lower torso for this body type. The waist and hips tend to be wider than the chest and shoulders. For reference look for images of Hollywood actor Chris Pratt before his Guardian of the Galaxy days! 

Man’s Life styling tip: Try and stick to darker colours. Crew Neck T-shirts with jeans is a safe bet. Layering is a great choice while dressing up. Invest in vertical striped clothing they help in creating an illusion of length, to make you look taller.

A round or oval belly with narrow shoulders and chest, which leads to you having what looks like skinny legs is what an oval body shape looks like. This is one of the tricker bodies to style but with our tips, you can ace your fashion game in no time. Singer and composer, Elton John, happens to have an oval-shaped body.

Man’s Life styling tip: Blacks, browns and greys are great hues for this body type. Incorporate vertical stripes or pinstripes into your wardrobe. Closed neck tees are a strict no-no. Avoid wearing sleeves that fall beyond your wrist or stop short near your bicep, they tend to emphasize your midriff.

Knowing your body type only helps you dress better. It helps you in developing a sense of style and curating a wardrobe with clothes that flatter you. When your clothes fit you well, they instantly boost your confidence. Own your body type and use our tips to stay ahead of the style game.


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