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Grooming Kit Essentials To Buy Today

KL Rahul


Grooming is for everyone!

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If you still are under the impression that owning a vanity kit is reserved only for women—it’s time for a reality check. Long gone are the days that you borrow your girlfriend’s face wash, and be a lost puppy when it comes to some self-care! We know for a fact that there are so many products out there that knowing what is essential can be hard. So here is a comprehensive list of grooming essentials you need to add to your kit today! If you don’t have a kit, it’s time to make one then!


Cheerful young male washing his face using face wash

Nobody, let us repeat, nobody likes a dirty, oily face. If you are one of those men who still use soap bars to wash your face—red flag alert! Time to step up the game and invest in a good face wash. It will not dry your skin like soap and will clear your skin of grime and oil. A tip to consider before buying a specific face wash is to know your skin type. There is a face wash for each skin type and it only helps you get better results and clearer skin.


A man using razor to shave his beard while standing before mirror

This one is a no-brainer really. Every man needs this basic to get groomed—saves you from running to your barber every time. Buying a good shaving cream and razor gets you the salon experience at home in a jiffy! Time to say goodbye to the scraggly beard!


A guy using trimmer

Now that we are on the topic of shaving kits and barbers, owning a trimmer just makes your life so much easier. If you aren’t in the mood to go the clean shave way, opt for the trimmer to least shape your beard. Of course, we know that trimmers have uses in multiple places, but let’s stick to the face for today!


A man applying moisturizer on face

It is not girly to apply moisturiser to your face! It should be something that you do daily post a shower. Our skin needs some love and pampering, and skin knows no gender. If a woman needs it, so does a man. There are a range of moisturisers available in the market and it’s time for you to make a quick trip to your nearby store to pick one. Don’t forget to moisturise your lips too. Use a lip balm and get ready to kiss your next date without choppy lips!


Man using a sunscreen

You cannot have us making a list of grooming essentials without adding sunscreen to it. The sun is up and about scorching our skins already. If you haven’t invested in sunscreen yet, we recommend you do so immediately. Your skin needs protection not only from dirt, but also from the harmful UV rays. Always say yes to sunscreen and apply it even when while indoors!


Young man using deodorant

Body odour is a big No-No! Whether you are gymming or back from a run, even if you inherently sweat a lot, it’s always good to carry around some deo or long-lasting perfume. These days you even get pocket-sized and travel friendly ones, which are absolute game changers! Say no to the stink show and yes to smelling good all day! Who doesn’t love a man that smells good?


A young man combing his hair with a comb

We know that it sounds so basic, but it is generally the most obvious thing that most people miss. Brushing your hair is just as important as brushing your teeth, unless you have curly hair, then there is a whole other routine out there (about which you can read here). Carry with you a handy dandy comb to keep your hair in place and look fine AF.


Man applying hair wax

Everyone loves jazzing up their look once in a while. Owning a few hairstyling products like a hair balm or a pomade won’t harm you. Set your hair the way you like and be ready to win the day, one flick at a time.

The best part about building a grooming kit is how you can customise it according to your taste and needs. Happy self-care days, guys!


[Featured Image Credit: KL Rahul]