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Home! Sweet Gym!

Home gym with swedish wall,bench,bicycle and weights


Things you need to set up a budget-friendly gym.

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The lockdown made us realise the importance of working out even when we didn’t have access to a fitness centre. So, what if you can’t go to a gym? What if it came to you? A home gym is great for—sticking to your fitness routine diligently (the gym’s shut excuse won’t float then)—and for days when your schedule is too hectic

While most of us can’t afford an Iron Paradise, the insane mobile gym of Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), we can have a minimal yet effective one done up! Man’s Life gets an expert to give pointers ….


Gym equipment for fitness exercise with aerobic fitball, dumbbells and Yoga mat in room

There are three things you primarily need to decide on before building a home gym:

1. THE SPACE: Are you looking for a small, basic set up in a corner of your bedroom? Or are you planning to use an extra bedroom as a home gym? The first two questions apply to those living in space-cramped apartments across urban jungles like Mumbai. Or do you have a bungalow with a basement or an unused garage? Mind you, balconies and terraces are a no go because weather can damage your equipment. Flooring also needs to be considered. Heavy weights call for solid matting in place, in order to avoid damaging/breaking the tiles. 

2. THE EQUIPMENT: Once you’ve narrowed in on a space, make a list of equipment you need as per your fitness requirements and that of the other family members (unless you’re a selfish prick or the rest of them don’t care about exercising as much as you do). NOTE: Bigger equipment needs bigger space and regular maintenance, which comes at an additional cost. 

3. THE BUDGET: After figuring out the space and the machinery or weights you need, put on a basic budget and work from there. This way you can eliminate stuff that you might have noted down in the initial excitement. 


As excited as you may be, avoid going big from the word go! Bhaskar Shetty, a Mumbai-based certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, says, “I think it’s best to start small. Even if you’re the lucky ones who have a dedicated space or extra room. You can add stuff as you move forward in your fitness journey.”  He also recommends going for Indian brands. “You not only save money while buying, but also on maintenance.” 

Shetty recommends the following for setting up a basic home gym for under 30,000:

PULL-UP BAR: All you need is a doorway to hang it for you to get a super-toned upper body!  It’s an effective and affordable way to train those lats, biceps and core at home!

wall horizontal bar

Price: Under 2,000 online

▶ TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER KIT: Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of two simple straps! TRX training has been proven scientifically—to amp up even the most basic body-building moves—as it pits your body weight against gravity. This builds the functional strength of your upper and lower body, and even works that core!  

muscular macho does exercise with trx loops

Price: 2,500 onwards

▶ KETTLEBELLS: There’s perhaps no other equipment with which you can do so much with so little! You can just start with one! Kettlebells are ideal for a home workout area and take up almost no space. They can also be used for an unusually large number of exercises—from squats and one arm rows to bicep curls and more.

Athletic Man Working out With Kettle Bell

Price: 1,500 onwards (for good-quality ones)

▶ DUMBBELLS, BARBELLS AND PLATES: These are must-haves for a home gym because you can do so much with them. These usually come as a set and in varying weights.

set of equipment for weightlifting: dumbbells and barbells

PRICE: 4,000 (approx)

▶ INTERCHANGEABLE BENCH: This can be inclined, declined or kept flat, and can be utilised for—working your chest, back, and abs/core—with or without weights!

Small home gym with bench with dumbbells

Price: 4,000 onwards

▶ A CROSS TRAINER: For your cardio needs! Sporting goods retailers like Decathlon have great basic options, which will get the job done without leaving a large hole in your wallet!

Elliptical trainer

Price: 13,000 (basic model)

▶ YOGA MAT: Yoga mats are a must-have for doing planks, crunches, stretching and foam rolling! Or basic yoga or pilates even!

black yoga mat

Price: 1,500 (for a good-quality one)

You can add and subtract from the above list to suit your needs and budget. Imagine this: No more waiting in line for the treadmill or squat racks or dealing with gym bros who don’t get the concept of ‘wiping things down’! Plus, no more paying premium rates for annual memberships; you could easily have your own gym at home for less than that!


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