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Homegrown Décor Brands To Check Out Now!

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It’s not just your closet, even your home needs a change once in a while.

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If we had to ask you to describe India in one word — colourful is probably the first thing that comes to mind. With such diverse cultures and homes that house years of traditions, it’s no surprise that design aesthetics vary as we traverse the length and breadth of India. This unique quality of our country has been adopted by some illustrious minds that have put together home décor brands for us to choose from.

If you still live in the mindset that setting homes is for the opposite gender, we are here to break the stereotype. The home is yours just as much, and if you happen to live alone look no further— we are here to help you choose the right stuff (or maybe confuse you further). There is no coming back once you are down the rabbit hole of ‘home décor’. Here are a few homegrown brands to help make choose better….



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Quite a unique name, right? A brand that you won’t forget easily. No, not only due to its intriguing name, but also because of what it offers. With their stores in Bangalore and Chennai, The Purple Turtles have an eclectic collection of lights, furniture and home decor accessories that are sourced and customised. Made not manufactured with a philosophy that each product has a story of a journey it made to reach you, and be part of the memories you will make. We think it’s cool, don’t you?



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With a studio based out of Hyderabad, Trove Craft India founded in 2014 aims to give traditional motives a contemporary twist. With many steering away from recognising the traditional crafts of India, Creator-in-chief and designer Nayantara Quader started retailing hand-painted homeware and décor items using traditional methods that seem relevant to the changing times. The most popular in-house range are décor plates, hand-painted in the Pichwai style that they are now expanding to other products as well. Currently working with the folk artisans of Kashmir and Rajasthan, the brand plans to slowly expand its horizons by working with other craft clusters around India.



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Yogita Agrawal, who launched the brand in 2017 is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, New York City. The clean and functional aesthetic of her brand is reminiscent of the years she spent in the city on the East Coast of the USA. This Mumbai-based brand has something for everybody. Each piece in her collection is conceptualised in-house from start to finish. Where pop meets pastel Ware Innovations has unique shapes that are fit for the food we eat. We may have not visualised the need for this cutlery, but once you get a few you’ll be hooked!  With plates and bowls made specifically for Pani Puri or glasses inspired by the Cutting-Chai of Mumbai, Agrawal has incorporated India into her designs.



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Founded in 1993 amongst the lush green hills of Nagaland in North-East India, Cane Concept is an ode to the traditional sturdy craftsmanship in bamboo and wood. Setting high standards of craftsmanship for Naga handicrafts, local artisans are employed to keep them motivated and ensure authenticity. With traditional motifs and modern furnishings Cane Concept makes eye-pleasing, functional lifestyle products that are minimalistic and clean with intricate designs. If you need new chairs for your living space, even some with a pop of colour head over to their page!



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We always love letting you in on brands that have a USP. Pulp Factory Studio is one such label. Founded by Spriha Chokhani in 2010, this design studio makes furniture and other home décor items using waste and discarded paper. You might question the durability and strength of the products, but rest be rest assured, as these one-of-a-kind pieces have won awards across platforms for the eco-friendly ways in which they’re made. If you are somebody who is well aware that climate-change is a thing and that we must use the resources around us, Pulp Factory Studio is where you should be shopping from. From the compostable chair that is water-resistant to fabric that is made from paper pulp, this studio has it all. It’s a brand that is looking for solutions at the macro level, while restoring, reinstating and reestablishing older craft techniques and values!



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It’s edgy, sleek and oh-so minimal. A country that is known for their detailed craftsmanship, Spin has decided to start from the other end of that spectrum. With Japanese-and-Nordic-inspired design philosophies, the home decor from this brand is perfect for those who love things to be minimal, modern and clean. From the WFH station to the TV cabinet, their designs, though simple, look luxurious and are made from contemporary techniques and materials. Fit for sprucing up your bachelor pad, be rest assured that whoever you are inviting home next is going to be mighty impressed!



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Started by Shubam and Ajay back in 2015 after a mesmerising trip to Kochi in Kerala, Yellow Verandah is a bespoke luxury homeware boutique. This is a place that embraces traditions and traditional craftsmanship. If you happen to be somebody who loves the boho vibe and is a fan of colours, this is where you need to head to. You do not require everything, but even a single piece from Yellow Verandah is enough to offset a dull-looking house. Made by a bunch of talented local artisans, craftsmen, self-help groups, craft communities and design partners across India, get ready to discover the beautiful stories that celebrate the heritage of India.

8. IKI


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Of all the different materials out there, concrete in home décor is so underrated. Well not for Iki. With unique geometric pieces that are made of concrete, this brand has a very simple aesthetic. With a raw feel to these multi-utilitarian pieces, we can’t be partial to any. Be it the pawsome (dog) and purrfect (cat), polyhedron planters or even their soap dishes, each can be used differently than what they are sold for. Handcrafted at home in small batches by founders Kiran and Shikha, Iki is pocket-friendly and a must-try to jazz up your space.

You cannot deny the fact that there is something absolutely addictive about home décor. We may not buy stuff that often, but there is nothing that stops us from scrolling mindlessly looking at things we want for our homes. Now that you do have a list prepared, grab what you like to or save up to buy to add some personal touches to your home!


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