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Hot And Bald

Vin Diesel, Samuel Jackson, Dwayne Johnson


Six celebrities who prove baldness is totally badass!

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Going bald isn’t the end of the world. If your hairline is receding faster than the speed of sound, fret not. You have a few options to work your new-found baldness to your advantage. Your first option is to become a headgear guy—from beanies and baseball caps to fedoras, your options are endless (read our story on hats here). Hats only add to your style! If you’re not a ‘hat guy’ grow a beard (read our story on beard grooming here). Lastly, embrace your new shiny dome with your whole heart just like these famously bald dudes. We can’t even imagine them with a mop of hair on their crowns!

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: Big smiles that reach his eyes, biceps that could be the size of small countries themselves, and a shiny, bald head. The actor is known for this strong, recognizable signature look! Here’s an interesting fact though: According to Vanity Fair magazine, The Rock isn’t bald by genetic predisposition, but bald by CHOICE (he explained why in a fairly vulgar tweet in 2017). If this doesn’t make you comfortable in rocking a bald look, we don’t know what will. 


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2. Vishal Dadlani: Can you imagine this singer-music composer without his trademark clean-shaved look? No way, right? It just adds to his persona and style, and we can’t get enough of his music or his rockstar-like edgy, cool look!


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3. Stanley Tucci: Tucci’s list of accomplishments is a long one: He’s an actor, a writer, a director, a producer, a cookbook author, and now, the host of his very own food show for CNN. In 2020, the Captain America: The First Avenger actor made the Internet go crazy with his now viral cocktail-making skills. Tucci is many things, but we love him more so because of his bald look and his impeccable sense of style! 


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4. Govinda Mehta: Owner of Mumbai-based bespoke menswear brand Raisson D’Etre, Mehta wears the bald look with flamboyance. His personal sense of style is a lesson in the art of dressing up. Who needs hair when you can look this good without it?


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5. Vin Diesel: Yet another massive action star with his signature, shiny dome. Between his ripped body and  bald head, The Fast and the Furious actor,  typically sports a similar look in most of his films. So, it’s pretty hard to believe that once upon a time he actually had a full head of hair!


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6. Samuel L Jackson: The Avengers’ actor wears a lot of hats in public, so it’s easy to miss his perfectly shaped bald head. Jackson likes to experiment with wigs in order to make the characters he portrays different—liked the ‘curly do’ he rocked in Pulp Fiction or his afro in Unbreakable. According to,  Jackson’s long-time wig consultant, Robert L. Stevenson, said: “He was losing his hair at one point and said, ‘if I just shaved it all off could we still create looks with wigs?’ I said, ‘Sam, we can basically do anything with wigs.’ That’s when we started getting into it.”


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It’s easy to stan these bald legends, especially when they look this good! So, go on, experiment with the clean shaved look!