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Let’s Make A Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board


Let’s get the party started!

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We have been on the lookout for some good trends to cover this month! We logged into the ’Gram (where else?) and started digging. From weird dancing videos to people trying frozen honey we saw it all! After going through tons of trends, guys, we’re happy to report that we struck gold! This trend is all about foodit’s got cheese, meat, fruits and nuts, and it’s all on one plate! Any guesses? Yes, we are talking about the charcuterie board!

The festive season has begun and that means you are entertaining more guests than ever! What better way to feed the guests than have it all in one place? We at Man’s Life are here to help you build your own customised charcuterie board. Let’s get started.


It’s another French word, yes. Don’t worry it isn’t as hard to pronounce as a croissant (the struggle is real). This one goes as, shar-COO-tur-ree, and it originally refers to cold cooked meatsthough the definition and its presentation have changed through the years. 

It’s a platter that includes cheese (multiple types of them), spreads, crackers, cold cuts and produce. The best part of this board is that it can be customised to your liking: You can make it bigger for more guests or curate it according to your guests’ dietary requirements. You can make it specific to a colour palette or even the region you come from! Don’t know about you, but these kinds of things excite us folks at ML!


There are a few basic and necessary components that make a good charcuterie board. Here is a quick breakdown of how to get going!


The most important part of the base of a good charcuterie board is the platter it is served on. Generally made of wood or marble, these platters can be bought in any shape you like. If you have stalks of veggies and longer slices of produce on the board, opt for a rectangular platter. It fits more ingredients and items on it. Like we said before, every aspect of this board can be curated and customised to your liking.


When you look at the charcuterie board as a whole you will see dips and nuts and other complementary condiments speckled around the board. What keeps them in place are these small dishes and cups that can be found in your kitchen cabinets. The next time you decide to host a party and are making the board, go through your cutlery collection and pick out the time bowls and ramekins to add to your charcuterie.


What is a charcuterie board without its cheeses? Not a charcuterie board, that’s what! Make a trip to your nearby gourmet or artisanal cheese shop or a grocery store that sells varieties of cheese and have a go at it. As a rule, include three to five cheeses that fall under the categories of hard cheese, soft cheese and a definite blue cheese. Pick your cheeses to match the other pairings on the board, contrasting textures and flavours add just the right touch to elevate your charcuterie board to the next level.


Just like cheeses, you can go about choosing any cold cured meat! You can roll it, slice it or even keep it in a block for your guests to carve. Choosing good quality meat is essential. Some pepperoni, varieties of salami or an array of sausages. Even prosciutto is a great addition to have on your board. The trick is to have them in groups around the board. Some fanned out, some rolled out and some folded.


You need something starchy to have with your cheese and meats.  You can have a variety of crackers, toasts, breadsticks and more. They’re a must-have, if you decide to add any spreadable cheese to your platter. If someone is gluten-free on your guest list, swap the regular cracker with a nut-based one, and you are good to go.


Once all the above has been procured, it’s time to fill in the rest. Choose some berries, grapes, apples, candied fruit and even some pomegranates to the pile. Fruits and veggies also add colour and freshness to the board along with adding contrast to the rich and salty flavours of the meat and cheese. Adding nuts to the board along with pickled olives is a great addition too.


We have all the ingredients, but how do you make it look picturesque you ask? Follow these simple steps:

Step One: Start with the small dishes filled with dips, honey, olives and nuts. Place them at random places on the platter.

Step Two: Add the cheeses around the board. Place them in such a way that you leave enough space for scooping or slicing the cheese.

Step Three: Place the meat in bunches as mentioned above near the cheese. It’s okay if things touch, they are meant to be huddled in for better presentation.

Step Four: Add the crackers to the pile. Place them in stacks around the board. Even the breadsticks can be scattered, it’s perfectly normal for things to topple over. That’s the beauty of a charcuterie board.

Step Five: The last step is to fill in the gaps and add the finishing touches to the board. That is done by adding your fruits and veggies onto the board. To add extra dimension and flavour to the board, throw in some sprigs of rosemary with the addition of dried fruits like apricots, cherries and plums for something sweet and chewy.

When your board is finished add in your cheese knives and serve to your guests. The one thing we do know about charcuterie boards is that you do not have to cram all in one board! Make as many as you like, with variations of your choice! It’s all about the flavour, colour, texture and how visually beautiful you make your board! Tag us the next time you decide to put together a charcuterie board, we are waiting!

Besides, you will walk away with the ‘host with mostest’ without having to even cook!


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