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Life Beyond Boxers

Handsome young man in boxer briefs is pulling on his pants while getting dressed at home


Why stick to the usual when you can spice things up?

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I was initiated into the world of men’s underwear a few years ago. No, it’s not what you think. Back then, I was a part of the team of a celebrity stylist who dresses up a leading Bollywood actor, known for his eclectic personal style. During one of the shoots with the said actor, I was sent to buy a certain kind of underwear for him. He had to perform aerial stunts all day, but he had worn the wrong choice of underwear; really snug briefs! Doing action scenes in elaborate costumes with tight briefs pinch you in unmentionable places, was a no-go, obviously. So, I was sent to the nearest mall searching for trunks in his size that would provide him comfort while kicking someone’s butt. Ah, the glamorous life of a stylist. Not! 

Imagine my predicament because I did not know what to buy let alone what to say because I had never bought underwear for a man before! Long story short, the undergarments were procured after a series of stuttering questions to the salesgirl who was for some reason, as embarrassed as I was. The actor, dare I say, seemed to fit into them just fine and looked on fleek!  I always wondered if men had the same choices as women when it came to undergarments for many years, and that one day of going around asking for them changed my perspective completely. Guys, please take notes. 


“If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” Famous words of American poet and writer Dorothy Parker. There is much hoopla around women’s innerwear, but when it comes to men, it’s a big yawn fest. It’s rare to find a man who knows exactly what to wear underneath their layers of clothing. Women have a pair for every occasion, and contrary to popular opinion—turns out so do men! 

Then, why do so many guys live in boxers? Is it because men don’t care to look beyond comfort? Or are they just lazy in general that they don’t invest in the right underwear? I mean, as a woman, I can vouch for the fact that a lot of us like to see interesting underwear on our man’s behind! 

Boxers under tight chinos or chino shorts are a big no! Believe it or not here are a few choices that can up your game, outside without any underwear lines showing or inside the bedroom when the pants drop….

Briefs: Let’s start with something basic. Briefs are made for the man who doesn’t like extra fabric like that in boxers or boxer briefs. These are made with cuts that accentuate those glutes you’ve been working so hard on leg day! These can be worn under jeans, board shorts and even dress pants.
Boxer Briefs: These are perfect for when you exercise. It covers your thigh and prevents it from chaffing. Buy a cotton one for better absorption and are perfect for when you sweat it out.
Trunks: Is a formidable piece of underwear that reigns the under(garment) world! They can be worn with everything and anything without you having to worry about your garment pooling around your thighs!
The G-String: Is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This pair leaves nothing for imagination. For the men who like their jeans extra tight, this is the erotic version of your sensible underwear.  If you still think boxers are your best friends even after the list we have provided, at least let it not be blue or checkered. Also, make sure you team them with everything baggy—like loose pants, baggy shorts and not with anything tight!

Just like how the right pair of shoes can change your look, the right pair of underwear can do so much more than amplify your sense of fashion. Just experiment with bold colours and fun prints. Women do like men who go that extra mile. If you want to spice things up, it’s time to spruce up your underwear collection.


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