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Maa Durga Marks Her Entry Into The Metaverse with MetaPujo

MetaPujo - Durga Puja in the Metaverse
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Have you ever missed the Durga Puja celebrations for not being present in Kolkata and had to wait for it until next year? Now bid goodbye to wait and welcome the celebrations as you can attend Durga Puja from the comfort of your home. Unite with your family across borders in the metaverse and witness the most loved festival of Bengal. With technology scaling new heights every day, the introduction of technology into festive celebrations was just a matter of time. 

All this has been made possible due to the commendable efforts of Metaform and XP&DLand. With MetaPujo, the founders aim to ensure no devotee misses out on puja. Launching such a large-scale initiative was made possible because of the recognition they received from UNESCO. Initially, four iconic pandals in Kolkata: Ahiritola Sarbojanin, Deshapriya Park, Ballygunge Cultural, and Tala Prattay have tied up with tech platforms to provide an immersive experience to the people in a metaverse. People can hop around different pandals in the metaverse to attend the puja.

Launch of MetaPujo

To attend the puja, the attendees can claim four NFTs of Durga Maa’s idols designed especially for this occasion. Users can use their Web 3.0 wallets to claim the NFTs dropped on XP&DLand. One of the key highlights is the freedom it allows the people. The attendees can enter a shared social space named “Spatial”, a metaverse platform, and interact, walk around and even click photos, making it similar to witnessing the bliss in person. The 3D pandals will provide an audio and visual treat to the audience. One can easily join the puja in the metaverse with friends and family as meta-twins. All they have to do is create their meta-realistic avatars that are accessible through simple smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. and there you go! 

The future is metaverse which will be evident in this year’s Durga Puja celebration. It has opened gates for shared social experiences from miles away. Suveer Bajaj, Co-Founder of Metaform intends to drop digital collectibles or NFTs that can be purchased and can generate value in the future given their real-life utility. He believes this will help with monetizing the collectibles, driving the community with utility and building a self-sustaining business.

Every festival in India is celebrated lavishly, and Durga Puja is no different. It is a festival of devotion and enjoyment in the form of worshipping Maa Durga. This inspiring initiative by XP&DLand will inspire more and more people to acknowledge the ever-exciting metaverse and its importance in the current tech world. It is a brilliant step toward bringing inclusivity to people in the metaverse.

Below you can find all the 4 MetaPandals:

Deshapriya Park

Ballygunge Cultural

Ahiritola Sarbajanin

Tala Prattoy