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Mauve: Fashion’s New Obsession!

Ranveer Singh


The colour mauve is in, and is here to stay.

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When the pink revolution descended on men’s fashion week, many were sceptical about how things would turn out. Would it be too feminine they asked? The world of fashion paid no heed and boy, are we glad! Well, pink is now an accepted colour to have in your wardrobe, but what’s interesting is that one change of hue opened gateways to make a man’s closet so much more colourful. 

Enter mauve: The distant, lighter cousin of the colour purple. Is mauve ready to dethrone pink? We think so! From actor Michael B Jordan and singer-actor Jared Leto to actor Ranveer Singh, mauve has been making a splash in menswear, and other celebrities are embracing it to the fullest.


The history of fashion has always been fascinating, but the history of the colour mauve is a tale in itself. William Henry Perkin, a scientist, at the age of 18 accidentally discovered the first-ever synthetic organic dye in history. In 1856, he was attempting to synthesise quinine, which was used to treat malaria, but was left with a residue that was purple instead. This was the first-ever aniline (organic compound—too much chemistry, sorry) dye made, which was then marketed as Mauve. This dye was found everywhere after that, and Queen Victoria added to the frenzy when she appeared at the Royal Exhibition of 1862 with a long mauve gown dyed with Perkin’s mauve. It’s about 180 years since Perkin’s birth and here he is back in fashion, with mauve being the colour to look out for this season.


Mauve is a beautiful colour to add to your daily looks. It’s not that hard to incorporate really. Enjoying the colour is a priority, and once you love it, there is no going back. We at Man’s Life highly recommend you to invest in this colour and we are here to help you with tips and tricks.


Loungewear isn’t going out of style for a very long time. Athleisure co-ord sets are making the rounds, and a mauve jogger set is a definite winner. It’s a fashion statement in itself that is bound to make people stop in their tracks. The shade isn’t too bright to make it overwhelming to the eye, so having the same colour throughout your outfit is a plus point.

Style Tip: The best part of investing in a co-ord set is the fact that it can be worn separately too. Wear the mauve tracks with a white or a pastel yellow T-shirt and finish with some uber-cool white sneakers. Or wear the mauve hoodie with black jeans or charcoal grey tracks with sneakers of your choice.


Why is corduroy so popular? Simply because it’s both durable and comfortable! Monsoons are almost on their way out, and a corduroy piece is a must-have for the upcoming months. Corduroy is thicker than denim and is perfect for when the weather is chilly. A jacket is the ideal piece of clothing to start your corduroy journey with! Even better if you choose it in mauve, the colour of the season! It’s trendier than a denim jacket and can be worn just as much.

Style Tip: The mauve corduroy jacket can be styled by wearing it over an olive green tee and black jeans. If this is too dark for you, swap the olive green with a white or pastel green and it works just the same. Add on your favourite sneakers and you are good to go!


The best part of chinos is the multitude of colours they come in—mauve being one of them. An ideal addition to your brunch look, a pair of mauve chinos will elevate your outfit to a fashion-forward statement piece in no time!

Style Tip: Pair your mauve chinos with a grey Henley T-shirt and some informal shoes or loafers. Wearing the chino with a blue shirt is a nice addition to your business-casual look.


We at Man’s Life think that suits are a must in every man’s closet. The general perception is that a suit set is boring because the only colours you buy are black or blue. We beg to differ, a stunning colour like mauve can change the game for you! Attending a meeting wearing this regal hue will be a definite business deal winner. Look at singer Zayn Malik killing it on the red carpet in a mauve suit!

Style Tip: If wearing the mauve suit set with a white or a light shirt is too boring, swap the shirt for a turtleneck. Wear a black turtleneck or even a pastel green one for added panache, put on your loafers and a watch and get ready to make hearts stop because ours just did thinking about it!


No list is complete if we don’t mention the bomber jacket. It is such a versatile garment that changes the way people perceive fashion. A mauve bomber jacket does that and a lot more. People aren’t used to seeing a lot of colours when it comes to a bomber jacket, having a light yet powerful shade as mauve does so much for your personality. You will be treated as a fashion guru once you step out in this colour.

Style Tip: The mauve bomber jacket is best worn with light wash denim and a white tee. Pair it with some funky customised sneakers and get ready for your laid-back yet fashionable brunch look.


The best way to NOT look like a cultured SoBo uncle is to pick the right colours. Instead of the boring white and blue polo tee and the occasional pop of the navy, choose a mauve one. You will still look like a member of an expensive club, just younger.

Style Tip: Wear the mauve polo tee with white jeans. Pair it with loafers or a white sneaker and top it off with a cap. Trust us when we say, this is a luxurious look.


Shorts are easily one of the best pieces of bottom wear in a man’s closet.  When worn right, it will make you look suave and dashing. Mauve shorts come either as laid-back and baggy or slightly semi-casual as chino shorts. Any of the two in your closet will be a welcome change!

Style Tip: Pair your baggy mauve shorts with a loose T-shirt, from the same colour family or a white one. Complete with sneakers or Berkins/sandals. For the mauve chino shorts, pair it with a polo tee or something more casual like a mandarin shirt, and loafers!


Shirts with prints definitely have an edge over plain monochromatic ones. Mauve printed shirts are a fun take on your not-so-formal shirt that can bring any look together! It’s young and preppy, something you can wear to brighten up your mood.

Style Tip: Wear your printed mauve shirt with khaki chinos and loafers. Wear it with a brown leather strap watch and get along with your day.


Nope, mauve isn’t only reserved for Western silhouettes. Try a mauve bandhgala or kurta next time. It’s sophisticated, refined and extremely flattering to the Indian skin tone. Get ready to get a lot of attention from women this wedding season! Take a tip or two from actor Ayushmann Khurrana on how to slay the Indian wear game in mauve.

Style Tip: Pair a short mauve kurta with white straight pants. A longer kurta with dhoti pants of the same colour or white. Finish with jhootis or Kolhapuri chappals.


If wearing mauve clothes is not your thing, add this colour in the form of accessories. A fanny pack, a tie or even a pocket square in this happy hue can add just the right amount of colour to your outfit.

Style Tip: Mauve accessories are like garnishes—they add the finishing touch to your look. Opt for a full white co-ord set and break it with mauve sneakers or a mauve bag, and if you’re up for it, sunglasses!

Don’t be shy of colours, and in fact, mauve is on the lighter tone of things, which helps you tie looks together! Choose mauve over pink the next time you decide to dress up and see the difference!


[Header Image Credit: Ranveer Singh]