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Men’s Hats: The Eternal Fashion Accessory

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An easy guide to a few popular hat styles you should know or own

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Hats have really worked their way up to become one of the men’s fashion staples. Certain styles may seem a bit tricky to pull off, but we can’t think of a better way to add to any look or cover up a bad hair day with flair! Besides, when worn with a pair of sunglasses and sunblock, a hat can amp up your sun-proofing skills! From baseball caps to floppy bucket hats, there are so many styles to choose from.

1. THE FEDORA: Fedora has stood the test of time and a bad image! Today, it has amassed a fan base among the fashion-savvy; think Jude Law or David Beckham! Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is a big fan of Fedora and is often seen sporting it while on the go! The crown of the hat is typically pinched at the sides and in the front, creating its unique look. Its soft brim can be snapped up or down according to your preference.

TIP: Fedoras are best paired with well-tailored pants and Cuban-collared/formal shirts. It’s a great choice for those with long hair.

TRIVIA: Fedora has a colourful history. It got a lot of flak as it became synonymous with gangsters, especially during the prohibition era in

2. THE PANAMA: The original and the classic summer hat! The Panama hat has become a must-have accessory for tropical destinations. This hat has a similar shape to a Fedora with a dent in the middle and pinched in the front. Traditionally, it was available in an off-white bleached shade with a black ribbon at the base.

TIP: If you have a round face, opt for one with a large brim. If you have a more sleek look, go for one with a smaller brim. Best paired with smart casuals for an effortless, laid-back beach style!

TRIVIA: Despite the name, this hat’s origins can be traced back to Ecuador.

3. THE BASEBALL CAP: An ‘icon’ in its own right, the baseball cap is as much a fashion item as a piece of sportswear. A street-style favourite, celebrities and sports stars turn to a baseball cap often to go incognito or to hide a bad mop of hair with panache. From Ranbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar to Nick Jonas and Jay Z, baseball caps are a crucial part of the wardrobe of the stars.

TIP: It’s always best to stick to classic styles. A baseball cap is all about high-low dressing—a casual look spruced up with formal pieces like jackets and Oxford shirts.

TRIVIA: A baseball cap is said to have debuted in 1860, atop the heads of the baseball team Brooklyn Excelsiors; it was made to help shield the players’ eyes from the sun!

4. THE NEWSBOY CAP: Arguably the most polarising hat on the list, the newsboy cap is having an undeniable moment. This round and the full cap is similar to that of a flat cap and has panels and a button on top attaching the front of the hat to the brim. The newsboy cap has been often spotted atop the heads of some of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs—namely, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Harry Styles.

TIP: The cap has a serious retro-vibe, so it’s best to stick to vintage-style dressing.

TRIVIA: Netflix’s Peaky Blinders can easily be credited for bringing back the newsboy cap into the limelight. So much so that they have a merchandise line for the caps!

5. THE BUCKET HAT: With the return of all things the ’90s showing no signs of slowing down, the return of the Bucket Hat was expected. They’ve now become a street-style favourite with their wide, downward-sloping brims, resembling an inverted bucket! Musicians, skaters and actors have all made this headgear a must-have to channel the urban-cool look. Prada sort of revived the trend and made it mainstream. Actor Ranveer Singh was seen wearing it during one of his outings!

TIP: Recommended only for the brave ones. Keep things smart-casual while trying this trend. Throw it on with a bomber jacket and high-top sneakers or a smart jersey jacket.

TRIVIA: It was designed in the 1900s as a means of protecting Irish fishermen from the rain!

6. THE BOWLER HAT: The bowler hat climbed to the peak of British style thanks to the likes of actors Charlie Chaplin and John Cleese. Also known as the Derby hat, it’s a hard, felt-hat with a narrow brim. This style is formal and best suited for those with a more angular face.

TIP: Try this trend with tailored-pants or double-breasted suits. Or a British accent!

TRIVIA: Originally developed in Britain in the mid-1800s, as a sturdier option to a Top Hat for gentlemen on horseback because they used to always get knocked off by low-hanging branches while horse riding!

7. THE BEANIE: Once considered to be a strict winter essential protecting your ears from giving you a brain freeze, beanies have now become a trans-seasonal fashion accessory. In winter, chunky-knitted beanies can keep your head warm and your style scorching! The lighter ones are good to accessorise your look no matter what the weather. Jake Gyllenhaal, SRK, Shahid Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Allu Arjun and many more seem to love a good beanie!

TIP: Wear one even to match your suit. Just don’t ever wear one with pom-poms!

TRIVIA: The beanie has been around since the 11th century. The modern design we now seem to can’t do without has its roots in military and blue-collar uniforms of the West.

Hats can add to any sophisticated, smart-casual or eclectic ensemble, so try on one and make it your own!


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