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Monsoon Hair Care Hacks

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Tips to deal with the mane monster

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It’s officially chai-pakora season! No more summer heat, sweat or prickly boils! Raise your hands if you love the rainy season as much as some of us do at Man’s Life! Having said that, our hair doesn’t share the same love for the rains. Who can blame it? The excess humidity turns it into a frizz ball! Plus, it makes you—lose more strands, your scalp sweatymaking you prone to more skin infections. Fret not, we have a few tips that can save you from this monsoon-hair battle….


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We know that a hot bath is super tempting when there’s a slight nip in the air, but don’t even think about it! Try to wash your hair with cold water instead, as hot water can rob your hair and scalp of their natural oils and make it prone to dryness and damage. Also, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to wash his hair daily, pull the brakes: Wash your hair only once every two days with either an anti-bacterial shampoo or an anti-frizz one. Now, if you’re someone who falls in the other end of the spectrum, and believes hair washes are only reserved for Sundays—change up the game and shampoo your hair at least twice a week when monsoon hits!


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You can get away with being lazy and skipping the conditioner while washing your hair during any other season, but monsoon! You need a kickass conditioner to fight the frizz and keep your hair smooth and manageable. If  you have oily hair, buy a mild conditioner so that your hair doesn’t look or feel greasy and dirty. The trick to making the most of your conditioner is to keep it on for at least 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off for getting soft and glossy hair.


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Now that you’ve nailed the monsoon-hair wash routine, time to get to the next crucial tip: Using the right tools to dry and brush your hair. Make sure you don’t go all crazy, and aggressively rub your hair with a towel; this can cause breakage. Use a soft towel with microfibres to dry out the excess water. Thick, abrasive, bathing towels will only make your hair frizzier, and we don’t need that now, do we? Next: Either use your fingers to comb out wet hair or buy yourself a good wooden wide-toothed comb to use on wet hair—this will help prevent breakage! Finally, make sure to only use a blow-dryer on the cold-mode, as heat will dry out the hair even further.


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Use minimal hairstyling products this season. Heavy ones like gels and wax will cause product build-up and sweat—which can irritate your scalp and cause dandruff. If you have really unruly hair that cannot be managed without styling products—stick to water-based or mild products. A good hair serum is a great frizz-fighter: Pump a coin-sized amount into your palm and apply it/finger-comb it lightly. Don’t go too heavy on the roots/scalp! If you have really thin hair, just apply it on to the ends.


Hair oil and wooden comb

Sure, we are all suckers for a warm champi, but it’s best to skip that during the rains.  Massage your hair lightly with (virgin coconut or olive) oil and leave it on for an hour before you wash it off with cold water and an anti-frizz shampoo. Don’t forget to follow this up with a conditioner. Do this once a week, tops. Oil is said to be a fabulous conditioner, making your hair frizz-free and smooth. Overdo it and you will end up looking like deep-fried, greasy papad!

In addition, make sure to eat a protein-rich diet, drink lots of water to have hair and skin that’s healthy from within. The rainwater can be acidic, so even if you pull a Chak Dhoom Dhoom in the rains like Shah Rukh Khan, make sure to try out these hair-care hacks to weather the storm!


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