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Monsoon Skin-Care Tips

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Show your skin some extra love this rainy season!

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It’s still officially cuddling-in-your-bed season! Or the time for savouring garma-garam chai while watching the rain from your balcony. Sure, it’s the season for the hopeless romantics, but not so much for our skin and hair! Our hair becomes this gigantic frizz monster and our skin rebels like a teenager who’s just hit puberty! Besides, our overall immunity decreases leading to skin infections and other weather-related issues. 

All is not lost, guys! We at Man’s Life have put together an easy-to-follow routine to tackle monsoon skin-care woes…


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This is a no-brainer. Want good skin? Keep it clean. The humidity or the extra moisture in the air can clog your pores, and lead to acne. Now that we are still wearing face masks, this can lead to maskne in the areas under the mask. Clean or wash your face with a mild cleanser at least two to three times a day—in the morning, when get back home after running errands/work and before bedtime.


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It’s important to keep your face and body hydrated during the monsoon season to keep it in top form. Dr Jaishree Sharad, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and author of two bestselling books on skin-care, says, “People think that they don’t need to apply a moisturiser when it’s raining. You actually do! After cleansing use a light gel-based or water-based moisturiser on your face and neck. She also recommends moisturising your body. “We tend to drink less water during the rains and our body will be dehydrated, so it’s vital to moisturise and keep it well hydrated.”  


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If you thought you could skip sunscreen because you can’t see the sun when it’s pouring, you thought wrong! “You need to wear sunscreen 365 days a year. “The UVA rays of the sun even penetrate through the clouds. They cause—hyperpigmentation, collagen breakdown, red rashes and sunburn. So, buy a water-resistant sunblock and reapply it every 40 minutes, whether you’re in the pool or outdoors,” explains Dr. Sharad.


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This is for those who don’t like wearing moisturisers on their faces in humid, rainy weather. If you have oily skin, skip the moisturiser and use a hyaluronic acid or an alpha hydroxy acid based serum. Start by cleansing your face first. Follow this up with a serum, and finish off with sunscreen. At bedtime, come rain or shine—make sure to cleanse your face well, use an under-eye cream/serum if you have dark circles, followed by a face serum and a moisturiser. 


Antifungal Talcum Powder On Foot

Rainy weather is basically a free party for all kinds of fungi and bacteria. Guys, do yourself and your body a favour? Just make sure you dry your entire body thoroughly after taking a shower before wearing your clothes! There’s excess moisture in the air, and damp skin or clothes will only create the perfect home for fungal growth. Yikes! 

“Use a clotrimazole or an antifungal powder in all the body folds—like the groin area, underarms and on your feet (between your toes), especially if you’re wearing closed shoes and socks!” It’s best to carry an extra pair of underwear and a change of clothes in your knapsack, just in case you get soaked in a sudden downpour!

To round up, your monsoon skin-care arsenal should include—a cleanser, moisturiser or serum, as sunscreen and antifungal products.


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