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There is nothing a good shoe can’t fix.

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With the streetwear culture on the rise, it’s no surprise that sneakers have become a steady staple in people’s wardrobes. Those who have for years embodied the quintessential American street culture, well they are having the last laugh! Sneakerheads as the sneaker lovers are fondly called aren’t new to India. The love for them though has slowly and steadily grown! 

It’s not just a shoe brand that makes sneakers, it’s an emotion. From Indians spending thousands on them, the market is booming! Man’s Life has compiled a shortlist of stores and sneakerheads who will provide you with sneakers and the whole experience. Buckle up!



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With a physical store and a website, Superkicks is a premium destination for all things sneakers. With stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, the brand promotes the hip hop and streetwear lifestyle. Made for sneaker lovers, they handpick and curate sneaker collections from the best brands in the industry. Be it the new Air Jordan 5 ‘Moonlight’ or the Ivy Park Ultraboost OG, this store has it all. Go crazy you guys!



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This is India’s first multi-brand sneaker store, based in Delhi with a store in Mumbai too. It’s a label that holds the sneaker culture close to its heart. With a commitment to developing and nurturing India’s own sneaker and street culture, VegNonVeg is more than just a retail store. It’s an experience that includes music, a studio for art, a room for debate and a place to party. If you visit their website and do not make it to their store, the experience of buying and looking at a curated selection of sneakers remains the same.



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We know sneakers can be heavy on the pocket. With sneakers from over 500+ brands worldwide, Sneaker Heads India is the country’s first reselling app. You can buy, sell and even source shoes from this app. With a more robust and organised way of sales, this app is heading in the right direction. If buying brand new sneakers is not in your budget, sellers can also put up their pre-owned sneakers for a reduced cost. With limited-edition sneakers and rare finds out there for grabs, you shouldn’t procrastinate any longer. Any sneaker in good condition is appreciated by those who are crazy about them. Download the app now!



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A young designer who shuttles between Delhi and Osaka, Japan, Nishant Fogaat cracked the sneaker customisation code early on in his career. A simple question on why even though Asia is one of the major exporters of fabric for shoemaking, India as a country doesn’t have sneakers representing its heritage, sparked an idea in him. He now experiments with Indian prints like paisley, folk art like Warli as well as has incorporated Japanese kimono prints into designer shoes. Restoration of old shoes is a market in itself—and this leads to customisations and a quirky twist to your everyday sneakers.



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A buy-sell-trade platform, HypeStockExchange deals with sneakers and streetwear. It’s not just a simple site that deals with sneakers, but a brand that tells you the story behind every sneaker you buy. ‘The more you know, the more you grow’ is the motto they follow and with its blog in place, you have all the information collated in one place for you. HypeStockExchange or HSE aims to spearhead the movement of taking the Indian sneaker scene to the next level.



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Welcome to the niche yet prevalent market of sneakerheads. This streetwear fashion destination has all the works pumped into it. From making exclusive kicks from Yeezys, Jordans, Anti Social Social Club, Adidas, Nike, and so on to be more accessible—it’s no surprise that this store causes a frenzy. You can bid for your favourite newly launched sneaker or head into their store in Mumbai for a personal experience. A store that is frequented by the stars, make sure to visit it the next time you are in the suburb of Khar.



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The kalakaar who makes art and not war is Che aka Chaitanya. Literally, that is what his Instagram bio says, and as far as we know he sure is living up to it. Adding old shoe charisma to the old age shoes seems to be the speciality of the Chelabs (that is what he calls his workplace, kinda really dig it). Other than that of course Chaitanya offers incredible customisations and artworks on sneakers that will blow your mind. Over the last few years, he has received commissions from multiple Bollywood celebrities, and recognition amongst the sneaker community which has helped him propel custom designs to the next level.

Whether you like sneakers or not there is no denying what an important impact it has had on the world of art, music and culture. What started as a dream for many budding sneaker enthusiasts in this country is now a reality thanks to the people behind these sites. Owning sneakers that are known worldwide in India, is now a reality! Start browsing!


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