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The Best Hair Colours For Indian Men

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The right hair colour can be a game-changer

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Colouring your hair is a great way to mix things up. It helps change your look as subtly or as loud as you want to. Sure, they help camouflage the signs of ageing (read greys) as well. Turns out those white strands have nothing to do with a  number that indicates your time spent on this planet. Heck, 2020 alone was enough to age even young adults. Audrey Dsouza, Head of Styling, TIGI India, says, “Indians mostly have warm skin tones, so the hair colour you choose should complement these.  An unflattering hue can drown you out in the worst way.” So, whether you want to cover those grey strands or just add an edge to your look, here’s our list of a few shades that are perfect for Indian men….

1. DARK NATURAL BROWN: If you’re a dude with darker hair, and looking for full coverage, this is the perfect colour for you. It will not only cover those white strands but also give your hair the most natural look. People won’t be even able to say that you’ve coloured your hair. What’s not to love? P.S. This is also a great option to try if you’re a hair colour novice! 


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2. CHOCOLATE BROWN: A truly dreamy hair colour, chocolate is one of those shades that work on most skin tones, but especially well on warm Indian complexions. This hue looks great on people with thick and slightly longer hair for a fabulous naturally wind-swept look! When done well, this will make your skin pop. 


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3. CARAMEL: Caramel is one seriously delicious hair colour on men! Caramel hair is marked by gorgeous golden, sun-kissed tones that can brighten up your appearance. This rich shade adds texture and movement to your hair, making it look vibrant. Best suited for men with warm skin tones. The shade is a bit on the dark brown side. You can either go full caramel or choose a darker base or global (when you colour your hair from root to tip) hue and use caramel highlights!


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4. COPPER: This shade is strictly for the seasoned hair colouring pro: Someone who’s into experimenting and not afraid of trying out a brighter hair colour! Copper suits guys with light to medium skin tones with warm undertones. The colour has a ‘cool-boy’ vibe, and might not be office-appropriate for everyone. If you do choose to go with copper, ask your hairstylist for a subtler shade, which isn’t eye-blindingly bright. 


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5. GREY: No, we don’t have 50 shades of grey to list out. Steel-grey is natural, elegant and fashion-forward.A dark shade of hair colour with a grey undertone looks gorgeous on men with medium complexion. This is THE shade for jet-setting business execs and all those men who want to look sharp, sexy and in control. Also a great choice for men, who want to conceal their natural grey hair without giving out the impression that they’ve dyed their mane! If your skin has warm undertones go for a warm shade of grey. Those with cooler undertones should go for an ash-grey shade.


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In addition, men with fair/light skin tones, can even get blonde highlights. Just make sure to get a consultation with a hairstylist before deciding to colour your hair! 


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