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The Neon Trend Is Peaking And How!

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We all need a few bright spots in our wardrobes!

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There is bold, there is bright, and then there is neon! Show-stopping, traffic halting electric colours that are back with a bang and how! Women like neutrals, but what they love is the man who takes the leap of faith and steps out of his comfort zone to try something as different as neon. With major fashion houses delivering neon looks on the runway, it wouldn’t take long to guess that these fluorescent colours are here to stay. From actor Ranveer Singh to American rapper Machine Gun Kelly, neon has been a staple in these celebrity closets.

The 1980s was the decade of the neons. With its ultra-bright pink and electric purples, neon became a nightlife and festival favourite. It’s 2021 and boy, nothing much has changed! Neons are still helping people make a bold fashion statement.


The first step to wearing neon is to stop being afraid of it. It is quite natural to be uneasy about these bright colours, but trust us when we say—there is nothing that you cannot pull off with confidence. Here are a few ways you can wear them to look jaunty…


Athleisure has been topping the fashion must-have lists for the past few years. It’s comfortable and uber stylish and there is nothing to complain about. Neons are an ideal way of sprucing up the basic lounge athletic wear. The bright greens or oranges are bound to make head turns—what’s not to like about that?

Styling Tip: Wear a hoodie in neon green or yellow with black track pants and a chunky sneaker. If you are bold and like things to be super bright wear a co-ord neon set. A cool neutral cap and sneakers of your choice will finish off this look in style!


While jackets add the right amount of panache to your outfit, neon jackets take it up a notch. With Dior Men showcasing neon jackets to Asos man providing pocket-friendly designs, there is no way you cant have one in your closet. Whether they are topcoats, bomber jackets or solid neon blazers, there is one for every occasion.

Styling Tip: A neon blazer or jacket is best worn with a neutral colour scheme. What this does is elevate your neon jacket to make it the highlight of your outfit. Wear it with a T-shirt underneath or with a mandarin collared shirt, chinos and finish it off with sneakers or a good pair of loafers.


Just hear us out okay… What could possibly top a neon blazer? A neon suit, of course! It isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Probably a bit, but if you are somebody who is not afraid of being the centre of everybody’s attention this is definitely your go-to choice. Like Actor Colman Domingo in Versace for the 2021 Oscars in a neon bright pink suit, with a bright pink shirt. This sartorial bubblegum, hot neon pink suit set is what set him apart from the rest of the men who chose to go the basic way.

Styling Tip: You can wear your neon suit set with a contrasting turtle neck or black shirt. Finish the look with a pair of sunglasses and black dress shoes. This will prevent it from overwhelming the senses.


Board shorts and swimming trunks are usually in nautical prints and colours to match the mood of the ocean. Adding a bright neon to this stack just makes you look a lot cooler than usual. Next time you are on vacation near the beach or lounging near a pool, pick out your neon swimwear and wow those around you.

Styling Tip: When you aren’t swimming, wear neon shorts with a breezy T-shirt, flip-flops and a straw hat. Embrace the beach life.


If wearing neon apparel is not your cup of tea, pairing your everyday wear with neon accessories can make the outfit just as fashionable. Whether it is a neon fanny pack, tie or neon glasses and shoes, this fluorescent colour makes every piece of clothing stand out; making you a fashion star!

Styling Tip: Invest in a cool pair of neon sneakers. Something that you can wear to elevate a boring look from sad to rad. The best way of pairing neon accessories with clothing is to choose plain colours for your attire and break the monotony with this pop of brightness.


Who said that only one colour of neon looks good together? Mixing neons is a helluva fashion-forward move, and proves that you aren’t afraid of taking risks. It could be pants and a shirt that you have mix-matched or a dual-toned jacket. Whatever may be the case, combining neons together is an effective way of dressing like a star.

Styling Tip: If you decide to wear a neon purple jacket and don’t want to pair a contrasting neon shirt or pants with it, we have a trick for you. Pick accessories in contrasting colours. Have your socks or bags or shoes in a different colour of neon to complete the mix and match look.

Do not be afraid to try new things or colours too loud at first. Neon is a trend to watch out for. Be the talk of the town in neons! For more fashion inspo watch our Five Ways to Wear… Neons here!


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