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The Perfect Stubble Does… Exist!

Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh


The right scruff can take you from ‘lazy’ to ‘hottie’ with elan.

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The stubble is the sweet spot between a short beard and a clean-faced look. It’s a difficult spot to hit, but not elusive like some of the others you may have been target practising 😉😉! Since life’s slowly crawling back to semblance of normalcy, it’s probably best to shave off that ‘lockdown’ beard, and try a new look? While we have nothing against the chocolate-boy-next-door appearance, we think a stubble has much more character! Case in point: Shahid Kapoor. Or Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds or Ranveer Singh, and countless more who can make a strong case for a sharp stubble!



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Long gone are the days when a clean-shaved face was considered to be the epitome of a well-groomed one! Thank God for small mercies, right? Sure, the former is more presentable (according to some), but a well-maintained stubble is—at once both classy and rebellious! Just as the buzz cut or the almost-bald hairstyle is a legit trend, so is the scruff! Having said that, there’s a very big difference between not paying attention to your beard’s grooming needs and wearing a stubble with intention— it’s not as easy as letting your facial hair grow! It takes a lot of work and requires maintenance to not come across as lazy or unkempt!

Man’s Life has dug out some tips that can help you nail that scruff….




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First things first. Like with any grooming routine, you need to amp up your beard-care arsenal with the right kind of tools. If you’re a guy who’s facial hair grows back slower than the pace of a sloth, have fine hair or want a short scruff—you need a beard trimmer. There are trimmers that come with different comb attachments for different hair length—to ensure that your five-o’clock shadow is the perfect length. If your stubble grows at warp speed enough to cover your full face—you, my friend, need an electric shaver.


Turns out, the optimal length may be different lengths, and this is what distinguishes an average roadside-Romeo scruff from a leading-man stubble! Firstly, you don’t need to keep an uniform stubble length all around your face! If this is your first time experimenting with a stubble—we highly recommend growing out your beard and then trimming it down to your desired length. Contrasting lengths look great and also is a smart way to draw attention to or away from certain features. A fuller moustache will look great when teamed with a stubble (unshaved or trimmed for about 5 days). 

It’s absolutely critical to keep the cheek and neck lines clean. This is what separates the ‘lazy’ from the ‘well-groomed’! Your Adam’s apple, though considered to be a sign of masculinity, is not very facial-hair friendly—meaning, the hair doesn’t grow evenly above it! A clean neckline is the easiest way to display that sharp contrast between your two-day scruff and your bare skin. This is what will give it and your jawline for that matter, shape and definition. Use an electric shaver,  trimmer, or a regular razorto mow down the unsightly bits at the bottom of your neck. Same goes for your cheeks! Choose the next shorter setting and gently trim the edges of your stubble, towards your sideburns and bottom line at your neck.


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It doesn’t matter if you have a face full of hair or one with a five-o’clock shadow: Your facial hair still needs grooming and some love! A good quality beard oil will keep your scruff and the skin beneath hydrated and nourished. Your GF or partner will thank you!

When done right, a stubble can enhance your features, define your jawline, and create a more mature and masculine appearance—making you look ruggedly handsome by eliminating that ‘baby face’ look! It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?


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