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Trend Alert: Fresh Floral Prints

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Yes, you can wear them without looking like a bouquet.

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If you’re still one of those guys who believe that florals should be restricted to women’s wardrobes, you’ve clearly been living under a rock or another planet (where flowers don’t bloom)! Fresh floral prints can be as subtle and sexy or as loud as you want them to be. Florals for men are a big trend this season (okay, since last season), and many designers—from luxury fashion brands to high-street ones have included them in their collections.

So, why do guys shy away from embracing this trend? Is it the bad floral shirts worn by old uncles at parties that might just have scarred them for life? We don’t blame you, there are some shockingly bad floral-printed shirts in the world! These have given the trend a bad name!  However, new styles suggest that they don’t have to be.


If you’re worried about looking like a florist’s storefront display, don’t be! The new breed of florals for men are—digitally enhanced prints that are sexier and sharper. Here are a few ways to wear them fearlessly….

The Hawaiian Shirt

The floral trend made its way into menswear with the Hawaiian shirt. It’s popularity inspired designers to work with floral patterns outside of this traditional half-sleeve style. This is a great place to start for novices, who want to test the waters, and get accustomed to this trend.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Just choose a shirt in a subtle colour so that you don’t end up looking like the comedy actors from early ’90s Bollywood films. Wear it with tailored shorts like chinos and sneakers to channel the-holiday-in-the-tropics vibe, even if you’re at home lounging!


Floral T-shirts are anything, but subtle. The key is in balancing it out with minimal stuff waist-down. Whether it’s a floral print on just the pocket or a tee with a print all over—you’ll stand apart from a crowd without a doubt!

EDITOR’S TIPS: A light-weight denim jacket is a great way to add another layer to this look. If not, just stick to chinos or tailored shorts in solid hues to offset the boldness of the print.


While bold floral prints can be great for weekend escapades or holidays, the micro-floral ones can easily be styled to make them work for the boardroom! See if you can get your hands on a Cuban-collared long-sleeved one to make a statement.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Choose a shirt in a muted colour:  White micro-florals on a blue base and work your whole look around it. Team it with denims or tailored ankle-length trousers. Layer with suede bomber jacket for taking your look up by a notch! Finish off with a pair of loafers.


It’s the 21st century, and formal wear needn’t be bland any longer!  Out of all the looks this is perhaps the boldest plant-based statement, as there’s no hiding from it! Make sure to choose the perfect fit—nothing too baggie or too long/short.

EDITOR’S TIPS: Go for a micro-floral printed floral jacket in darker shades. Wear it over a white button-down shirt or a tee or turtleneck one if the weather permits. Pair it with tailored trousers in the same colour spectrum or dark denims. Wear brogues and you’re set!


Floral shorts are perhaps the easiest way to embrace this trend without consequences or fear! It’s strictly recommended for the weekends or for the beach/poolside though!

EDITOR’S TIPS: Go for the boldest and fun of prints in vibrant shades. Balance the top half with vests or tees in solid classic colours. Or pull a Salman Khan and dare to go shirtless; if you have the body OR the confidence!

Accessories like floral ties, bags and shoes are also an interesting way to try the trend. If you’re super confident, you could even try wearing floral trousers! So, infuse some bold blooms into your wardrobe!


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