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Trend Alert: Layering For Summer

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It’s sweaty, it’s hot. You know it’s summer when your sweat glands are working overtime! Fret not, we’ve got you covered with the best styling tips to look breezy and fashionable this season. Most of us are stuck at home attending Zoom calls and Netflixing hard after hours. Let’s be honest, that’s what most of 2021 is going to look like. So, why not mix things up and dress up every now and then? 

When you think of summer fashion one thinks of light clothes and all things airy. Guys, that’s not the only way to go. Layering during summers using the right fabric will keep you cool, stylish and in-trend! There are many ways to layer up this summer, and here’s our list of some of the best….



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A hybrid between a jacket and a shirt, a shacket is light and wearable all year long. Having said that, it’s an ideal layering outfit especially during summer, as it adds some much-needed panache to your outfit. It’s available in a variety of designs and is ideal for that businessman who doesn’t want to feel stuffy or too boring in his everyday formal wear. It’s almost like a well-fitted shirt with handy pockets. Mumbai-based bespoke menswear designer, Govinda Mehta has shackets in a variety of interesting hues.
TIPS: Wear it over a fun printed shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers.



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Cuban-collar shirts are also called Cabana shirts, cabin shirts or lounge shirts. Whatever you prefer calling them, these are summertime essentials. They are breezy, loose, short-sleeved, button-down shirts. They come in various colours, and if you are someone who isn’t afraid of prints this is your go-to informal shirt of choice. Keep it completely open or button it all down or at the neck with a T-shirt underneath for layering. This isn’t your usual tuck-in shirt, but more of a casual statement looking one.
TIPS: Pair it with denim, shorts or chinos for a really cool look.



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We cannot talk about layering without mentioning the trusty blazer. However, since we are talking about summer dressing,  let’s go with a linen blazer. You wouldn’t want to be caught looking uncomfortable and melting in your double-layered, thick blazer in the middle of an investor meeting now, do you? Choose ones that fit your body frame. The best thing about a linen blazer is that it not only helps in enhancing your look, but also makes sure you feel  as cool as a cucumber.
TIPS: Wear your blazer with a light cotton or linen shirt and pair it with your formal or linen trousers to create a sophisticated look.



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Denim without a doubt is a man’s best friend when it comes to clothing. It is versatile and always your first pick for any look. Denim jackets are a wardrobe essential and statement look, and a staple summer trend. Denim comes in various shades and options, choose the one you prefer based on your style and layer it. The best bet? You will never be too old or too young to wear a denim jacket! From sporty and trendy to sophisticated, denim jackets are the way to go!
TIPS: Wear it over a coloured shirt or T-shirt. Wearing it with a white shirt will amplify the denim look on you like actor Varun Dhawan in the IG post. Team it with your favourite pair of jeans, chinos, or joggers.



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We don’t blame you for rolling your eyes when you read the word cardigan. When you think of cardigans, you think of winter. However, cotton cardigans are slowly and steadily making a splash this summer. Unique and trendy, their style ranges from neutral colours to tiny checks and prints.
TIPS: Full sleeves can be rolled up to match the weather and layered with tees/shirts with deeper hues to create a contrast.

All of the above will make you look effortlessly cool and stylish while making you comfortable and keeping the temperature in check. So, play dress-up at home this summer.


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