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Your Guide To The Beard Oil

Bearded man holding pippete with beard oil


Give your scruff some TLC with a beard oil.

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The men’s grooming section on a website can seem like a maze! Worry not, we are here to find your way to the right product. Let’s start with something basic, but one that is essential for men who don’t shave—a beard oil! While you are busy growing out a full beard, keeping it unruly and dry is a big no-no. Not all women like men with unkempt facial hair. That’s where beard oil helps! It not only nourishes and tames your beard, it gets absorbed into the skin below moisturising it. This is a must-have in every man’s grooming routine!


Beard oils are fragrant and have many more uses than just making your beard look good. It reduces irritation of the skin, softens your beard and is also believed to promote hair growth. Overall, beard oil makes your beard look healthy, clean and well-groomed!


Beard oil is generally used to soften beard hair, which is a lot rougher than the hair on the head. The oil makes the beard glossier and hydrates the skin making the beard look neat and well-styled. 

Beard oil is very easy to apply, and generally, the bottle comes with instructions on how to apply it. You would require a comb to evenly distribute the product across the beard. If you have a short-beard style, just use your fingers. Here’s how you can apply it in seven simple steps:

1. The bottle generally comes with a dropper. Squeeze two to three drops onto your palm and rub your hands together, spreading the oil across your palms and fingers. Start with a small quantity and use more if needed.
Red flag: Applying more oil will give you a very unflattering greasy look, and also cause product build-up, which could result in dandruff/flakey skin beneath. We don’t need that now, do we? 

2. Then, run your fingers across the beard, judiciously.

3. Next, rub your hands on the front of the beard and moustache.

4. Give extra attention to the moustache by going over it again with your fingers.

5. Use your comb to equally distribute the oil over the beard. Comb along and against the grain of the hair.

6. If you have a long beard that is also dense, go back for more beard oil and repeat the steps for full nourishment.

7. Comb and set your beard in place as you like it.

It’s not necessary to use beard oil daily.  Once in three days is a good routine to maintain. Make sure to apply the beard oil only after washing/cleaning your face thoroughly—maybe, after a hot shower or post a morning face wash. Make sure your beard is damp and not wet before applying the oil.

The next time you find yourself in the grooming section of a website or a physical store, add the beard oil to your cart, and give it a try!


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