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Funny Little Facts From The World Of Football

Football player with a ball
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The Beautiful Game has been around a LONG time but we’re pretty certain that there are still a few strange things that even the most hardcore football fan may have missed out on! In our aim to make you the ultimate Football fan (nerd) – we’ve got you covered every month:



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You’re probably wondering why Celtic versus Barcelona is on this list – one word, POSSESSION. Back in 2012, when both these sides met in the Champions League, Celtic took the lead in the early stages of the match but there was still plenty of work to do and time in the game. Tony Watt put Celtic two up in the 81st minute with one of the most memorable goals for a Celtic fan and so even though Barcelona controlled the match in large part with 89% of the possession and 25 shots (out of which 14 were on target), Barca only managed to convert in the 90th minute of the game, which meant that Celtic had defeated Barcelona with only 11% of possession. Lionel Messi was dumbfounded and looked at his Barcelona teammates in utter shock and it was a night that millions of footballing fans will never forget, whichever side you were cheering!

No Shoes, No World Cup


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Back in the year 1950, India FA qualified for the World Cup for the first time. With just one slot from Asia – the Philippines, Burma and Indonesia withdrew before the qualification round leading to India automatically earning a spot to head to Brazil, which itself was going to be no mean feat back in 1950. There are various sides to this tale but it is said that the FIFA categorically told India that they would have to wear shoes for the World Cup and with that among a host of other reasons, India refused to take part and dropped out of the FIFA World Cup!

Kroosing in Midfield


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During the period where Madrid won three back-to-back Champions League titles, Toni Kroos set the record for the most number of minutes played without a mis-directed pass. The German Midfielder who has been a key figure in Real Madrid’s success, went 1372 minutes without losing possession through a pass which is over fifteen games.

Willian has more UCL goals than Ronaldinho


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On 3rd October 2019, Willian surpassed the incredible Ronaldinho in total number of goals scored in the Champions League. While the player is currently struggling for form and Champions League football, it’s a stat that many wouldn’t believe, especially given the stature of the great Ronaldinho.

Sergio Ramos and the Zidane Family


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Sergio Ramos and Zinedine Zidane both joined the club together but at the end of that season, the legendary French playmaker decided to hang up his boots. Years later though, Zidane returned to coach Ramos and then had the opportunity to coach his son Luca Zidane too. It makes the Spaniard the only player who has played with both Zinedine Zidane and his son Luca. Captain Ramos has gone one further and even been in the same team as Zidane’s other son Enzo, but they were never on the pitch at the same time.

Joe “Golden Glove” Hart


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One of Manchester City’s key players on their way to glory was Joe Hart, who, almost forgotten now plays for Tottenham Hotspur and is struggling to find form with the gloves. None of that however takes away from his record in goal in the Premier League. Joe Hart holds the record with Premier League legend Peter Cech for the most number of Golden Gloves in Premier League history with four to each of their names!

A goal before you could read this sentence


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There are very numerous instances where players have scored inside the initial five seconds of the game but Saudi Arabian, Nawaf Al-Abed stands out from the pack with the fastest goal in football when he scored in just 2.4 seconds in a game against Al Shoalah. Al-Abed spotted the goalkeeper out of position and took a shot from the midline which ended in the back of the net.

Disclaimer: Marc Burrows scored in 2.56 seconds for amateur club Cowes Sports Res. vs Eastleigh in 2004 and while the man passed away five years later with cancer, the Football Association have officially recognized Burrow’s effort as the fastest during a competitive game of “association football”.


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