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Nikki Cross Cashes In At Monday Night Raw

Nikki Cross gets her hands on the title contract


The Monday Night edition of Raw saw Money in the Bank contract winner Nikki Cross cash in on Charlotte Flair to get her hands on the Women’s Championship belt for the first time.

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At Money in the Bank we saw a glimpse of what Nikki Cross is capable of and how she capitalizes on her opportunities. Cross made the most of the situation at MITB where all her opponents were fighting at the top of the ladder while she just went past them to unhook the briefcase for the win and get her hands on the title contract.


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On Monday night Raw, Flair was having her moment and celebrating the championship victory with the fans and she said that she could take out former champion Rhea Ripley at any night of the week. After hearing this, Ripley made her way into the ring and challenged Flair for a title rematch. Moments later, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville made their way into the arena and confirmed the rematch as the night’s main event.

Before the fight began, Flair attacked Ripley’s injured knee which gave her an advantage going into the rest of the fight. Midway through the fight, Flair and Ripley took matters outside the ring and Flair was constantly aiming for Ripley’s knee. Ripley with an injured knee, did well to fight back and lock in a figure-four submission which almost won her the championship back. The furious Ripley then performed a Riptide, which still wasn’t enough to win the fight. After this, Flair escaped from the ring and started walking towards backstage with the title in her hand. Ripley gave her a chase but the champ hit her with the belt for the disqualification and retained her title. Ripley and Flair brawled for a while after the match was over before Ripley hit the Riptide for the second time and left the arena.


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Flair was lying on the canvas and that’s when Nikki Cross’ music hit. She rushed towards the ring and cashed in her Money in the Bank contract. She went straight to the top rope and waited for Flair to get up before hitting a crossbody to score the pinfall and win the Raw Women’s Championship and share the moment with an arena full of fans.


[Image Credit: WWE]