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The Best And Worst Football Kits Released So Far For The 2022/23 Season

Manchester City and Barcelona New Football Kits for 2022-23 season
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Other than transfers, the biggest storyline throughout the off-season is the release of the new kits for the new campaign. Clubs continue to innovate and push the boundaries when it comes to their strips in recent years, but it’s fair to say not every team gets it right every time.

Here are the best and worst football kits released so far for the new season.


◼ York City Away Kit

York City Away Kit
[Image Credit: York City FC]

The most impressive strip of the new season so far is York City’s chocolate and cream alternate strip, inspired by the club’s heritage through the 1930s.

Arsenal Home Kit

Arsenal Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Nomadic Lens]

Arsenal and Adidas are a match made in heaven when it comes to fashion, and the German manufacturers have knocked it out of the park once again with their home strip for 2022/23.

Barcelona Home Kit

Barcelona Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: FC Barcelona]

The Barcelona 2022/23 home kit has divided opinion online, but the new Spotify logo mixed with the gold detailing and dark blue sleeves make this one an instant hit in our books.

Ajax Home Kit

Ajax Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Ajax]

While the Ajax kit isn’t as eye-catching as their 2021/22 counterparts, it is still a classic rendition from Adidas with the red and white stripes.

Tottenham Home Kit

Tottenham Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Tottenham]

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing you can do, and there isn’t a lot to complain about with Tottenham’s clean white kit for the new season.



PSG Home Kit

PSG Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: PSG]

PSG usually never miss when it comes to their fashion choices, but Nike is way off the mark with what they have come up with for the French champions’ home strip. The splash of red and white in the middle looks like a KFC bucket has been patched onto the centre of the kit.

Juventus Home Kit

Juventus Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Juventus]

Clubs must never mess with something traditional, and Juventus have not done themselves any favours with the zig-zag pattern on their black stripes for the 2022/23 home shirt.

Leicester City Home Kit

Leicester City Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Leicester City]

Leicester City have gone with a gold crest and collared strip for the 2022/23 season. We’re just not sure how well that works.

Manchester City Home Kit

Manchester City Home Kit 2022-23 season
[Image Credit: Manchester City]

Manchester City have gone for the Colin Bell-inspired round neck and central logo and crest for their 2022/23 home strip. It’s fair to say Puma have made a brave choice with this one.