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Top 10 Entrances In WWE

The Undertaker Entry
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Perhaps one of the more essential parts of being a successful wrestler and one that is remembered by fans, is the entrance. The world of wrestling is about entertainment and nothing is more entertaining ahead of a good fight than an excellent entrance. From the second the wrestler ventures out from backstage to the time he enters the ring, his entrance can say a lot about him and can even get fans to smellll what they’re cookin’.

Here is a list of the top ten entrances in WWE history:

10. N.W.O

At number 10 we have the NWO. One of the greatest ever wrestling partnerships in WWE history also had one of the greatest entrances. Beginning with a broken voice that called the NWO out, it was followed up by some of the coolest wrestlers of the time including Hulk Hogan and other team members making their appearance. They strolled down the aisle with serious swag and quickly became fan favourites around the world. It was one of the reasons they were known as the anti-heroes in the wrestling world but they took Entrances in the WWE to a whole new level.


You know it is all over when you hear the words “it’s time to play the game.Triple H’s entrance is as good as his fights inside the ring. He takes his time and looks around the arena with such confidence as if he wants someone to try and interrupt him. Then comes the trademark jump on the side of the ring before unleashing a shower of spray right above him.


Next up we have the entrance of Rey Mysterio. It all starts with a “Booyaka Booyaka” when the little superstar pops out of backstage with fireworks going on behind him. The wrestler runs down the aisle and jumps over the top rope to make his way into the ring. His entrance instantly gave fans the impression that he is a quick wrestler and can take you down with his aerial moves. The theme song is said to be one of the best in the WWE.


Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance was as simple as it could be, but fans would go crazy every time that Glass shattered, and the screen displayed “3:16”, because it was Austin time! He always used to walk down the aisle in a bout of rage with a few words for someone and Stone Cold’s first stunner was certainly his entrance music.


This is one of the most memorable entrances in WWE history. The Sandman enters the ring with Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman” playing in the background and makes his way through the crowd with a cigarette in his mouth and a beer with his trademark kendo stick in his hand.  His entrance gets the crowd involved as he even sprays the beer into their mouths along the way. The retired Wrestler even made a surprise appearance at Wrestle Con where fans went berzerk.


John Cena’s entrance exactly depicts the kind of person he is. Making his way into the ring, his head down showing some respect to the crowd before raising both hands with his “OK” sign. As he runs down the aisle, he throws his cap and armband into the crowd and when he enters the ring, he does the same thing with his T-shirt. Cena is well known for loving his fans and that love was certainly mutual through his WWE career.


Kane’s entrance is one of the scariest, darkest entries in WWE. It’s the most simple entrance you have ever seen but what made it eerie for even live fan was the fire that came with it. The arena is only lit up with flames in the path of Kane with the chilling feels of a true demon making his way into the ring from hell.


AJ Styles’ entrance fits him perfectly and is one of the modern greats as he enters the arena with his hood pulled over his head and fireworks spraying behind him. Before he whips the hood off, he holds his hand together displaying his trademark logo and commands the respect of his opponents in the ring.


During his time in WCW, Rick Flair had one of the greatest entrances which certainly matched the persona of the WWE Hall of Famer. His flair as he’d stroll down the aisle in his custom-made robe surrounded by his lovely ladies in his arms was unmatched and every fan’s attention in the arena tilted towards Flair when he entered the ring.


No other wrestler in the WWE could possibly take the number one spot for entrances from The Undertaker. It all starts with the tolling of the bell…The light going off…The dark music playing to the Deadman walking towards the ring as the smoke curls around his body. Then the camera pans towards his opponent, who is already pale in the face as he’s about to face him. Once Undertaker steps in, he keeps his head low and then removes his cloak only to reveal his face with his eyes rolled up. Shivers…


[Image Credit: Undertaker]