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Top 5 Playmakers In PL History

Kevin De Bruyne takes a shot at goal
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In football, forwards grab all the headlines by scoring goals while defenders defend as if their life depends on stopping the ball from crossing the line yet find the headlines only when they’ve had a blunder on the field. However, in many instances, we have seen that the midfield is where matches are won and lost. So here’s a list of midfielders who we think are the best playmakers the Premier League has ever seen.

5. Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal/Chelsea


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Under the management of Arsene Wenger, Fabregas developed into one of the most creative players in the premier league and his contribution was so crucial to Arsenal that Wenger named him the club captain at the age of 21. In his first stint in the premier league with Arsenal, Fabregas showed the world what he’s capable of. After three years, the Spaniard made his return to the PL, but this time for their rivals Chelsea. In his very first season, he helped the Blues bring the title back to the bridge with his 19 assists in the campaign.

Premier League stats: 

Appearances: 350
Goals: 50
Assists: 114

4. Paul Scholes – Manchester United


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Unlike other midfielders in the list, Paul Scholes wasn’t a box-to-box player but his outstanding technique, shot power, and vision is what made him one of the best midfielders in English football. With Sir Alex Ferguson managing him, he turned into one of the most feared players across Europe and won multiple titles with Manchester United. He went on to become one of the best deep-lying playmakers in football and just like wine, he kept getting better with time. With injuries striking at Man United in 2013, SAF called Scholes out of retirement to pull some strings in the midfield, which he did as United retained the title that season.

Premier League stats: 

Appearances: 499
Goals: 107
Assists: 55

3. Steven Gerrard – Liverpool


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A born and bred scouser, Steven Gerrard won everything there was to win in domestic as well as continental trophies but it was that elusive PL medal that evaded him throughout his Liverpool career which only further solidifies the greatness of the man, being the only player in this list to have never won a premier league title. During his time as a Red, he was undoubtedly the most complete midfielder be it passing the ball with accuracy, tacking, shooting and most importantly his captainship skills. The Liverpool legend ended up not being a part of a title-winning side but that did not stop Gerrard from becoming one of the greatest players in the Premier League.

Premier League Stats:

Appearances: 507
Goals: 121
Assists: 97

2. Frank Lampard – West Ham United/Chelsea/Manchester City


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At #2, we have Frank Lampard who played for three PL clubs, and it was Chelsea where he turned himself into a legend. With Claude Makelele in the side, Lampard slowly transitioned into a deep-lying playmaker, his vision, passing, control over the game, and that right foot helped him play a deeper role and still prove to be a threat. His ability to strike the ball from both open play and free-kicks was unparalleled. With a total of 300 professional goals scored as a midfielder, there is nothing much left to say for Frank Lampard.

Premier League Stats: 

Appearances: 611
Goals: 177
Assists: 117

1. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City


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In recent years, De Bruyne has established himself as one of the most consistent players who keeps the engine running at Manchester City. His goal contributions. De Bruyne has been City’s driving force in winning back-to-back premier league titles. His contributions were rewarded with multiple Man of the Matches and a PFA Player of the Year (2020-21). One doesn’t need to be a pundit to see that with De Bruyne on the pitch, City is a completely different side. In the 19-20 season, KDB finally ended a 17-year wait for someone to equal Thierry Henry’s record for most Premier League assists in a single season(20).  At the age of 30, the Belgian has a lot left in him which the PL hasn’t seen yet. 

Premier League Stats:

Appearances: 185  
Goals: 44
Assists: 77


[Image Credit: Kevin De Bruyne]