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WWE TLC: Top 5 Moments

Randy Orton setting the Fiend on fire
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Every year, the WWE puts on an amazing PPV to close out the year, but this time out, the company has decided to scrap off the event and instead have an event on the first day of 2022 entitled “DAY 1”. Before we forget about the great PPV, let’s have a look at some of the best matches at TLC.

5. The start of something big, TLC 2012

No group has had more impact on modern-day WWE than The Shield. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose have been three of the company’s biggest stars since the day they debuted in TLC 2012. Their first match together was a six-man TLC match against Ryback, Daniel Bryan, and Kane. Despite only existing as a team for a month, The Shield shocked the world by unleashing destruction which included their iconic triple-powerbomb. In the match, The Shield took turns isolating their opponents and triple-teaming them, and winning the match with ease.

4. The day Randy Orton unified his belts, TLC 2013

The main event of the 2013 TLC PPV featured a match between WWE Champion Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a title unification bout and the match certainly lived up to its hype. Cena had the upper hand in the initial stages of the fight but as we all know, things turn hand quickly in WWE. An RKO out of nowhere sealed the deal for the Viper as he was crowned as the first and last superstar to be considered as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in history.

3. The Ultimate Tag team TLC match, TLC 2009

WWE veterans and D’Generation X team-mates Triple H and Shawn Michaels faced off with former tag-team champions Chris Jericho and Big Show, a.k.a. The Jerishow in the main event of the 2009 TLC PPV. Putting these two teams together was one of the most violent and entertaining matches the WWE has ever made up. Instead of going at it, these four men used a slower approach to the fight which made it more entertaining unlike some of the other TLC matches we have seen in the past. When the dust settled, Triple H and The HBK took home the tag team championship belts.

2. Edge – World Champion x10, TLC 2010

The 2010 Tables, Ladders & Chairs event was headlined with a Fatal-4-Way bout between Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, and Edge for the World Heavyweight Champion. This fight lasted for nearly 30 minutes with all four fighters going at each other.  The fight had two of the most iconic moments in TLC history, the first one was Del Rio who bumped off the top of the ladder through a table that was set ringside. The other moment was the one that ended the fight where Edge speared Kane through a table to grab the title and be crowned as the World Champion for the 10th time.

1. The Fiend on Fire, TLC 2020

One of the most iconic and recent events that took place in TLC was Randy Orton setting the Fiend on fire. While many were expecting a normal fight for the main event, WWE set up a Firefly Inferno match that ended up being a normal inferno match where setting your opponent on fire would give you the win.  As the match progressed, The Fiend locked Orton in the Mandible Claw and tried to hold him over the fire but The Viper was clever enough to get out the fire handset Fiend’s coat on fire. Orton then landed an RKO after which he poured gasoline over his opponent and set his body on fire.


[Featured Image Credit: TurnHeel Wrestling]